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From below to above
Abandon Fear when recognizing the projections of our mind.

Let light radiate beyond uncertainty to bring an understanding
Evolving complexity by nourishing consciousness through simplicity


Some of us seem impacted or indifferent with
understanding uncertainty by collecting confusion
that can neurotically numb us from leading a powerful life

Learning to reCognize a sense of ordinariness helps us reshape our intention,
by matching it with action that doesn’t consume conflict.

Thich Nhat Hanh exemplifies Right Action by extending its idea to others
 & giving them the chance to experience it.
Sometimes we need the sour experience to soar essentially.
Common sense is crucial & yet at times it can feel boring when constantly seeking to be unbounded.

Beyond Patience resides a Process
& Beyond Process resides patience.
These are total paradoxes in an age where we’re being recognized to deliver efficiency.

Something that I wonder is whatever happened to just
Chilling & Being while balancing responsibility.

Moshe Feldenkrais says:
Organic Learning is essential. It can also be therapeutic in essence. Its healthier to learn than to be  a patient or even cured.”

I say:
Honor the process through the thick & thin of it.

The time is Here.
A Blessing. A chance.
A Sound
of happening moving all around

Starting with Self-Care
Over & Out.

Dharma Talk given at Savasana Station 6/8/2014

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