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Dharma Connect: Are breathing booths a chance to relearn to relax?

It's happened.

While being busy was the new black in 2013 --
2014 (& hopefully '15?) is all about flourishing towards a peace of mind

To the point where we're now introduced to Breathing Booths, courtesy of a fresh company called Mass Bliss. Its co founder Andrew Belcher stated:

Our company is based on the larger idea: one truth, many paths.  We curate events, like the Breathing Booths, to provide people with infinite paths for accessing the present moment through four main tracks: move, connect, create and resonate.  One person may find [mindfulness] by drawing a picture and another by doing yoga – we don’t want to impose one way.”

With stressful awareness and multiple distractions ... expanding -- even being Mindful can be a challenge.

While I often joke that I'm relearning to relax, it's such an interesting observation to notice how it just seems to be somewhat of a common thread evolution where we are all mostly .... relearning to relax

Even though I think the breathing booth effort can be a hit or miss, I respect the efforts 
andam excited to check it out sometime in the next week.

Stay Tuned.

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Room to breathe

In most US cities, it's almost impossible to find a quiet place to sit down without being expected to buy something. Even park benches are designed to discourage homeless people from taking naps - who cares about anyone's comfort?


I've often wondered if I could make money renting out space where people could just sit and be quiet for awhile, away from price-gouged muffins and their hellish "open offices."


I like what these guys are doing and I'm curious where this will go.

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