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June 13, 2016
On the Buddha's Eightfold Path, right speech is followed by right action. So it's no surprise that the opposite happens -- that hate-filled speech is followed by hateful action. If words are used to demonize people, if laws are proposed to separate...
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February 15, 2016
You've fallen off the cushion. The negative emotion garbage monster has proven too tough to ever defeat. You've tried your luck with "spiritual bypassing," but even that stopped working after a bit – you remained a fidgety neurotic and nasty gossip...
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October 20, 2014
Anger is a funny emotion, because although it often causes us and those around us suffering, we deep down kind of like it.  We like the feeling of power it gives, the sense of righteousness that sometimes accompanies it, and the feeling of...
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February 1, 2014
"That yoga article" featured in xo Jane earlier this week said much, much more than it meant to. 
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October 21, 2013
A human being is a part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a...
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July 15, 2013
I was recently in France and Spain, trying pathetically to speak at least the bare minimum of niceties in each country’s language.  This brought me face-to-face with some of the differences in phrasing, and potentially some differences in...
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May 30, 2013
Control. In the end, it’s all about control.
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February 28, 2013
In English-language dharma teachings, we often encounter the key term “renunciation.” We sometimes hear that renunciation is the indispensable foundation of our path of awakening, the quality without which no genuine progress can be made. It’s often...
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February 18, 2013
“Asian new year” is the commonly used nomenclature for the lunar new year celebrated in Asia - the world’s biggest and most populated continent in the world.  
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December 16, 2012
We do not like to think of children suffering or dying. But they do.
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by Joren
October 25, 2012
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October 19, 2012
    I am a runner—a reluctant runner. After nearly three decades of pounding the streets, my runner’s high has reached an all-time low, and unless I am filled to the brim with caffeine, I mostly grin and bear it, and wait for my run to be...
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August 13, 2012
(follow Kimberly on Facebook or Twitter) Here in the U.S., we love to have a lot of choices.  Our supermarkets and department stores are filled with nearly identical products (there are literally 20 different brands of chocolate at my local...
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June 6, 2012
For me, the first step towards freedom has always been letting go of worry about what others think of me. Then there is what may seem like the opposite - caring how I affect others, sometimes restraining myself so as not to displease or upset others...
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April 2, 2012
Before I took the refuge vow in 2009, I asked Ethan if he thought that I should do it. I was hoping he would tell me what to do. He did discuss the issue with me, but he would not tell me what to do. I did take the vow and have never regretted...
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February 20, 2012
When I was in art school I was surrounded by some extremely creative and talented individuals who possessed good vision, good intentions, and good esthetic sensibilities. However, many of us resented having to learn any kind of technique or to apply...
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July 28, 2011
Sometimes I feel the... need (dammit, I was hoping to avoid that word, you’ll understand in a minute) to go back to basics in my practice. Why? Because I often get stuck on something very simple. If the path to happiness is to let go of...
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July 25, 2011
July 20, 2011
This year I will turn 35. It is the first time I have ever felt the odd stab of getting older. There are two ways to look at this (1) I have led a really full and healthy privileged life so far and will continue to do so for as long as I can. (2)...
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July 4, 2011
  Is there a reason for being?   Krishnamurti: Why do you want a reason for being? (Laughter). You are here. And because you are here and don't understand yourself, you want to invent a reason. You know, Sir, when you look at a...
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June 1, 2011
Jonathan Franzen, author of the novel "Freedom" has a mouthful for the technocrats. "Liking" consumer technology is easy, "Loving" real life is hard.
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