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April 28, 2014
The New York Times philosophy blog, The Stone, posted an interesting interview yesterday with Buddhist philosopher Jay L.
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February 7, 2013
"..it took the support of my mindfulness practice to "break the chain" of habitual eating and embrace a gluten-free lifestyle."   
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January 10, 2013
The New York Times has an article on what to wear while meditating that notes the availability of clothes designed for meditation, such as the $1,000 sweatpants from Donna Karan's Urban Zen line. (shown below)
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July 7, 2012
Our perception of bias changes depending on the self-identity we currently have in mind.
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by ellen s
May 3, 2011
Tilapia is one of the most popular fish on our dishes in the United States. But eating tilapia might not be good for you. The American Heart Association recommends we eat fish twice a week. But tilapia may not be the one to eat. Is tilapia...
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by ellen s
April 13, 2011
The New York Times -- you can read it on your iPad, while drinking cappucino at Starbucks. If you read it on your iPhone, you can even make a phone call at the same time. Ah, multitasking! We all do it. We all seem to love to do it. But as...
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March 27, 2011
I’ve written before about self-compassion and allowing yourself to be where you are in your practice, but I want to think in more depth about these things. Over the last few weeks I keep coming back to the idea of “becoming friends...
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March 23, 2011
A recent article in the NY Times highlights how a global increase in demand for Quinoa has increased the cost of the seed in Bolivia, where it is produced, to the point where many Bolivians themselves cannot afford it and are turning to unhealthy...
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March 21, 2011
(follow Susan Piver on twitter) Can I just say I’m thrilled that Russell Brand is a meditator? For some reason, I take personal pride in every newcomer to the practice. I know he’s been practicing because I read it in the New York...
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by Lani
March 17, 2011
The New York Times reported that last Saturday one of the essay prompts on the infamous SATs asked students to comment on the reality of Reality TV: “These shows depict ordinary people competing in everything from singing and dancing to...
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March 16, 2011
Over the last week, much of my practice has been sitting with grief. Although I started working with grief earlier in the week, Friday’s devastation in Japan deepened, expanded and reoriented my practice. This work, actually sitting with...
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March 16, 2011
Roger Cohen wrote an opinion piece for the New York Times on the British Prime Minister's move to measure his citizenry's happiness. Apparently, a nation's well-being isn't entirely defined by the growth in its GDP.
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by Lani
March 10, 2011
The Dalai Lama announced today that he is renouncing his political authority over the exile government of Tibet. This, as Ellen Scodato has noted, is BIG NEWS. Such BIG NEWS, that Tibetans are already calling upon the Dalai Lama to reconsider his...
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by Lani
February 15, 2011
  The first time I heard of Bhutan's GNH "Gross National Happiness" I was intrigued. Instead of simplifying pleasure to profit and finding a simple outstanding variable that could capture the health of a nation in pure dolla...
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by ellen s
January 14, 2011
Today's New York Times has a provoking article by David Brooks. He's trying to provoke civility and modesty -- two words I almost never see in Buddhist writing. Nor do I see often see sentences like these: "Civility is a tree...
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by Lani
December 20, 2010
On Saturday in the NYTimes, Nicholas Kristoph writes, "So what would your aunt prefer as a holiday gift — another Mariah Carey CD, or the knowledge that she’s sending a little girl in Haiti to school for a year?" He follows...
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