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September 19, 2012
Courtesy of our friends at the great magazine Shambhala Sun, Acharya
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by Lani
July 14, 2011
Abby and I got a new puppy. He's terribly cute. He's also like a 3 year old. Actually, a one year old - no real language comprehension, no potty training and I'm sure every moment is either terribly confusing or rapturously alive for...
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March 18, 2011
Join the Shambhala Sun Foundation April 1-3 to explore "The Wisdom of Anger: What the Buddhists Teach" at the mid-town Sheraton in New York. We'll practice and hear from stellar teachers Judy Lief, Narayan Liebenson Grady, and Norman...
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February 21, 2011
(follow Ethan on Facebook or Twitter) Over the weekend, while rereading the posthumously published  Smile at Fear by Chogyam Trungpa, I noticed something that I hadn't noticed before - Trungpa Rinpoche made reference in passing to...
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by Lani
January 6, 2011
Occasionally, I've noticed that my humor is a bit inaccessibly Buddhist leaning. Let me explain. For instance, last year I had a particularly rough day and set my Facebook status update to "Kicking it with Samsara. Homies till the end yo...
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