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January 15, 2015
When I conceived this video, I felt an enormous, burdensome weight of self doubt, judgment, and anxiety.  I questioned whether shooting it was the right thing to do.  Did its content fall in line with the message I want to share with...
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December 13, 2013
Putting my head in the mouth of a dragon is how I embraced my 45th birthday this past September. I am that kind of woman. This particular "dragon" takes the form of speaking in front of a group of people and/or performing.
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October 11, 2013
  The beauty of a meditation practice is you can take it wherever you go. IDP lineage mentor teacher Sharon Salzberg, says, "If you're breathing, you can be meditating.  
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September 20, 2013
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August 23, 2013
Your body is always changing. Accept all that you think it is and can do you for you as well as all that you think it is not and what you view as limitations. Be kind and accept your body for all it does for you. Your heart beats, food digests,...
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August 16, 2013
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August 9, 2013
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August 1, 2013
Daily Sit invites you to practice meditation with a live online community. Each week there will be an opportunity for anyone who wants to participate online in a community sit. Please join us, Saturday, August 3, at 9 a.m....
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July 26, 2013
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July 5, 2013
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June 28, 2013
April 26, 2013
Namaste friends!
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January 25, 2013
Daily Sit invites you to practice meditation with a live online community. Inspired by "Sitting Project," a daily meditation piece, Kim Brown and I thought it would be supportive to the community to offer an online interactive presence for...
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by Lani
December 7, 2010
Last Friday my dear girlfriend lost her job. It was a fairly hostile and abusive working environment...and so...really...it was a good thing. But no work = waaaay less income, and so in a move of solidarity I convinced her that this was a perfect...
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