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June 12, 2016
A modern koan -- Question:  Do you have Buddha Nature?  Answer:  Well, duh. The concept of "Buddha Nature" is often difficult to understand, but it is a radically optimistic doctrine.  It says that not only are we responsible for...
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August 19, 2014
I'm posting this on behalf of Thia Reggio, the Pastor of the Astoria First Presbyterian Church. The church has been generously allowing us local Queens residents to use their space for meditation.
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May 23, 2011
This grief has been a rhythm of remembering and forgetting. I let him go only to discover, sometimes moments later, that I have somehow picked him up again, my chest caving in around him.  Did he know how much I love him?  Was he aware...
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April 12, 2011
Mother Teresa was one badass bodhisattva. You might disagree with me, I know, seeing as how she was Catholic and all, and believed in Jesus and God and all that stuff. But she spent her entire life on a path of spiritual awakening in order to...
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