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September 2, 2016
There is no you. The story of the Self is useful up to a point, but it is a complex work of fiction, and it has become a pernicious fiction. Ponder a recent experience, such as peering at traffic from a bridge or noticing an unusual piece of litter...
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January 14, 2015
“You wouldn't listen to someone named Bonerman26 in real life. Don't read the comments.” [email protected]
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August 27, 2014
“Only a person who is congenitally self-centered has the effrontery and the stamina to write essays.” - E.B. White
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June 19, 2013
Sometimes I walk around the East Village in the evenings after work and see all the young people my age strolling around with their lovers, groups of friends chatting happily in cafés, cute guys dressed up for a night out on the town, families...
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March 26, 2013
It’s another morning, another day of having to live inside a hurting body inherited from a little known, rare genetic condition. I try not to think of how it used to be. I can let go of the younger me, the one who won a yoga Olympics by holding...
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March 18, 2013
I have had many people come in talking about ego lately. It got me thinking. All problems arise from the sense of limited fearful separation -- what we call 'ego.' I started contemplating this daily on my morning walks. I examined my fearful...
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March 16, 2013
Gender is a dimension of ego, Lopon Rita Gross says, and the one we cling to most persistently. It's also one that we're least like to examine. It's not included in traditional Buddhist meditations designed to deconstruct identities and lead to...
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March 3, 2013
  I was standing on an ordinary street corner in DC when the change started. Lunch in hand, waiting for the cross-walk to change so I could go back to the office and eat, I was remembering something I said at a meeting, which now seemed...
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October 31, 2012
An Excerpt from Misadventures of a Garden State Yogi by Brian Leaf
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October 19, 2012
    I am a runner—a reluctant runner. After nearly three decades of pounding the streets, my runner’s high has reached an all-time low, and unless I am filled to the brim with caffeine, I mostly grin and bear it, and wait for my run to be...
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September 7, 2012
When I contemplate whether or not I believe in the idea of rebirth or reincarnation, something arises within me that makes me believe that it is not the answer to the question “Does reincarnation exist?” but the exploration of the question that is...
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March 28, 2012
One day someone will write a history of this time and see how predictable it all was.   "Well of course they started meditating, Barack Obama was their president, and the shores were receding...they couldn't fake it forever."
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January 17, 2012
How do you keep yourself fresh, not just on the outside but within?
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November 28, 2011
Remember these two things: be loving and wait for gratitude to arrive. And when it comes, don’t resist, because the ego may create some resistance. Gratitude goes against the ego.  
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by Joren
September 22, 2011
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August 21, 2011
I’ve never been a patient person. Patience, as they say, is a virtue, quite a powerful and important one. Sadly, though it’s one that does not come easily for me.
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by Lani
July 21, 2011
For St. Augustine, habit is "that thing which we have once it is added to us." One way to think of this in more Buddhistese is a manufacturing of the solidity of the self (for Augustine, more like prideful self aggrandizement) through...
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July 18, 2011
Being good enough is a practice, one that combines lots of Buddhist skills: patience, acceptance, loving kindness, appreciation, generosity. It requires nonjudgmental, kind, present-moment awareness.  
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May 21, 2011
In about an hour and forty minutes, New York is supposed to experience a catastrophe, according to some people (yep, the rapture).  Other locations in the world already hit the 6pm mark that was supposed to signal the beginning of the end of...
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April 26, 2011
This body will be a corpse, but... not just yet.  I'm certain of it, due to the Sacroiliac Joint Discomfort which has provided a sturdy base of support for my mindfulness of body practice. 
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April 7, 2011
  “So, how is your colored people’s group going?” I nearly choked on my giggles. The question, asked in all earnestness and good intentions, came from a friend at IDP who didn’t grow up in the US, and was therefore...
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March 9, 2011
(follow Ethan on Facebook or Twitter) Check out this fascinating youtube interview below of a nine-year-old meditator. She's pretty brilliant, to say the least. So how old do you have to be to have some realization from meditation practice?...
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by Lani
October 12, 2010
Daily Quote: "I always thought that if I kept searching and exploring, I'd discover who I truly was," said Speth from his Wrigleyville efficiency. "Well, I looked deep into the innermost recesses of my soul, I plumbed the...
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