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October 30, 2014
According to knives.com, the cutting-edge parenting resource, the recommended age in years when children can be introduced to knives, while supervised,  is two to three.  And, although it feels obvious that their research might be strongly...
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October 31, 2012
Buddhism is full of stories about ghosts and demons -- which often turn out to be projections of our deepest fears and to exist only in our own minds.
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November 5, 2011
    From the Sex Pistols to the Mountain Goats, why it's Buddhist, and how it relates to October snow. A view into my discursive musical mind.
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October 29, 2011
Demons are not blood-thirsty ghouls waiting for us in dark places; they are within us, the forces that we fight inside ourselves. Tsultrim Allione  
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October 27, 2010
  "Play is literally an opportunity for re-creation - an opportunity to re-create yourself. When you play with abandon, you enter into the present moment."
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