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December 21, 2017
The True Healing Program was developed as a training to help you relate to your body and mind with acceptance and openness, and discover a sense of peace and ease in your life which doesn't depend on eradicating pain or securing ideal circumstances...
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January 6, 2017
Over the last few years, I’ve been hatching a book, tentatively titled, Don’t Get Better. I will periodically share excerpts such as today's installment (which includes a brief exercise at the end). This is from a chapter called, “Healing...
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February 9, 2016
Like a lot of New Yorkers, I'm a busy person!  Rushing from place to place, answering endless emails, Facebooking, Instagraming, Twittering, drinking coffee, attending meetings, scheduling, writing a class outline while riding the subway,...
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March 15, 2015
We create the world with our thoughts, the Buddha taught, but we experience it with our bodies. That's one of those fun conundrums of Buddhism.
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March 7, 2015
I've been reading about Ruth Denison, a Buddhist teacher who died Feb. 26. I'd picked up a book about her, Dancing in the Dharma, because I liked the title. I had not heard of her. That's a shame, because Denison's work deeply influenced how...
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September 9, 2014
  A reporter at the Toronto Film Festival, which designated a Bill Murray Day, asked Murray: What is it like to be you? His answer is a gem, and a really good four-minute meditation.
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May 27, 2014
“When we’re doing the practice, I get confused between awareness, attention, and intention… it seems that… when I…”  My fellow workshop participant searched for the words, head bowed, eyes darting back and forth along the floor. “Tom?” Arawana...
April 26, 2013
At the Interdependence Project, we support all types of mindfulness—mindfulness of mind, mindfulness of breath, mindfulness of emotions, mindfulness of eating tacos, and, yes, mindfulness of poop. Pooping is an age-old art that almost all humans...
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April 9, 2013
My body isn't thrilled with some of my wardrobe choices, apparently. I didn't know this until I actually listened. Or rather, until I asked.
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February 22, 2013
Some folks are doing a 30-day meditation and yoga challenge inspired by Cyndi Lee, "OMYoga 30," and some people are doing a 28-day meditation challenge with Sharon Salzberg. Both offerings are a great way to keep your cushion from collecting dust,...
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February 16, 2013
This week in Real Happiness we having been working on ‘mindfulness of body.’ Doing body scans, I have become very aware of how anxious and rushed I am. I realized this week how much I have been avoiding this giant piece of mindfulness lately and I...
February 15, 2013
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February 12, 2013
Before I started meditating I took yoga classes for several years. I was no poster girl for yoga, but I did develop a familiarity with my body's mechanics.  So I was pretty smug when I was introduced to mindfulness of body. I knew my body....
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February 11, 2012
 “As much as I definitely enjoy solitude, I wouldn’t mind spending a little time with you” My practice today: Day 11 of The 28 Day Meditation Challenge Settling then floating Settling then floating Breathing then thinking Thinking then...
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April 27, 2011
Directions for seasoning a cast iron pan. Clean the pan with soap and water. Brush your teeth or drink a glass of water* Dry the pan. Well. Blow your nose or stretch a little or do some QiGong Coat the pan in one of the following: Crisco...
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April 16, 2011
A number of articles have appeared here on IDP, in recent months, on the topic of Mindfulness of Body. Last month, Kate Johnson published a thoughtful piece called "Mindfulness of Bodies." A little further back, in November, I published...
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March 24, 2011
  Seeking to deepen my understanding of mindfulness of body, I took part in a weekend yoga and meditation workshop called “Transcending the Limitations of the Body” at the Shambhala Center in NYC this past weekend.  Joe...
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