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Podcast: The Energetics of Food with Lara Adler


This podcast features a lecture by Lara Adler titled the Energetics of Food. Lara Adler is a Holistic Health Coach, specializing in conscious, ethical eating and helping individuals bridge the gap between belief systems and practical day to day life. She guides clients through a journey of self-discovery, teaching them to heal themselves through whole foods and healthy living. 

How do we determine the quality of our food? Is it price? It is slick packaging or special presentation? Is it home-cooked or from a fancy restaurant? How might the ways in which our food is grown or raised influence us as individuals? Which foods are the most nourishing to our spirits, and which ones may contribute to feelings of helplessness, depression and anxiety? Which foods are grounding and focusing, and which foods impart light, flexible energy?

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