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Podcast: Interview with Spring Washam


This podcast features an interview between IDP Member Kate Johnson and Spring Washam. They discuss their personal practice, and how race plays a role in American Buddhist communities.

Spring Washam is a Mindfulness Meditation instructor and founding teacher of East Bay Meditation Center in downtown Oakland, California. Spring has studied Buddhism for over a decade and spent more than two years practicing in intensive retreat. She is currently studying under Jack Kornfield at Spirit Rock Meditation Center’s teacher training program. 


At the East Bay Meditation Center, she serves to offer meditation training and spiritual teachings from Buddhism and other wisdom traditions, with attention to social action, multiculturalism, and adapting spiritual teachings for diverse populations.

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This is the second podcast

This is the second podcast with her I've enjoyed listening to this month. The Secular Buddhist had an earlier interview with Ms. Washam, as well as a later one with Faith Adiele, a "Nigerian Nordic farm girl Buddhist nun" (http://thesecularbuddhist.com/episode_041.php).

I think it's a conversation that needs to had, breaking dharma out of it's ethnic enclaves. I've seen Spanish language Buddhist literature at a Chinese temple, so that's a start.

love the interview...

Thank you for this interview!

Please consider interviewing Zenju Earthlyn Marselean Manuel


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