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Nalanda Institute launches first-ever Certificate Program in Contemplative Psychotherapy

Faculty to include contemplative pioneers Bob Thurman, Sharon Salzberg,

Joe Loizzo, Dan Siegel, Richie Davidson and Rick Hanson

The Nalanda Institute announces that enrollment is now open for its inaugural Certificate Program in Contemplative Psychotherapy to begin in Fall 2013. The program offers therapists, health workers, coaches, educators, and other professionals in the healing arts an opportunity to immerse themselves in the inspiring new fields of contemplative psychotherapy and neuroscience.

The two-year program offers an intensive, step-by-step learning experience integrating mindfulness and four progressive systems of Buddhist psychology and meditation, with the most promising breakthroughs in contemporary neuroscience, health psychology, and psychotherapy.  

Dr. Joseph Loizzo, founder and director of Nalanda says:  “We hope that this program will provide the knowledge and skills to weave the full spectrum of contemplative insights and skills into the daily fabric of people’s professional practice and personal life and at the same time to provide a vital network for lifelong inspiration, learning, and development.”

The program assembles world pioneers in contemplative research and clinical practice including Robert Thurman, Sharon Salzberg, Joe Loizzo, Dan Siegel, Rick Hanson, and Richard Davidson. They will be joined by top New York-based experts in neuroscience, psychology, Buddhism, and education, including authors Art Engel, Ethan Nichtern, Jeffrey Rubin, Pilar Jennings, Koshin Paley Ellison, and Jonathan Kaplan, who will discuss the practical applications of Tibetan mind science and technologies in their respective fields of study. 

Dan Siegel notes the importance of this integrated approach:  "Science brings knowledge and technology but not necessarily wisdom. It is natural then to seek a weaving of the important contributions of all the sciences with the deep understanding of our subjective mental lives in the wisdom traditions of contemplation."

Year One of the Certificate Program emphasizes self-healing and prepares participants to build mindfulness and loving-kindness into their work with individuals struggling with a variety of disorders from depression and anxiety to trauma and attention deficit disorder.

Year Two of the Certificate Program emphasizes social transformation and prepares participants to build advanced compassion-training practices, like giving-and-taking, mentor-role-modeling imagery and subtle-body sublimation practices, into their work with leaders, couples, families, groups and institutions.

The program will include an initial four-day weekend retreat at Menla Mountain Retreat, lead by Sharon Salzberg, Joe Loizzo, Miles Neale and Emily Wolf followed by 30 weekly, three-hour evening classes and intensive instruction in meditation from world masters Sharon Salzberg and Robert Thurman.  Enrollment will be limited in order to facilitate personal access to mentors and faculty and to develop a sense of community among participants.

The program's retreat begins September 5th, and regular classes will be held on Thursdays from 6-9 p.m. at the Tibet House in New York City. 

Bob Thurman, president of the Tibet House, says, "It is my pleasure to offer the Nalanda Certificate Program, the first complete introduction to Tibetan Buddhist mind science that locates all four of its systems of self-healing and self-transformation in the context of current developments in medicine, psychology, and neuroscience."

For more information and to register click here.

The Nalanda Institute is a non-profit that offers programs combining Tibetan mind science with mind-training skills to eliminate stress, nurture happiness, and cultivate lives of sustainable well-being, compassion, and altruism.

Nalanda programs teach reproducible methods of healing and change, and are designed for professionals and the communities they serve, inquiring individuals, and targeted groups such as businesses, health systems, and underserved populations. The proven appeal and impact of our programs depends on a step-by-step method of experiential learning, combining the most effective contemplative skills — yoga and mindfulness, compassion and radical openness, imagery, and deep-breathing — with current breakthroughs in neurobiology, psychotherapy, and positive health. 

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