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When the Going Gets Good

Your life is terrible so you decide to do something about it. You try everything. You change jobs, you change partners, you exercise, you give your time to charity, maybe you numb it out a bit with drink or drugs, I don’t know, but you try and try and search and search. One day you run into meditation, and something starts to make sense, the veil begins to lift, this is what was missing.

Things get better. You like your job, your partner, you feel good about life, you’re calmer than you were, things don’t bother you as much, you’re serene and comfortable. This is great. So, what’s the next step?

Stop, of course. You’re done. You took your medicine, it worked, the cancer is gone, why would you go back to the hospital? That was a place for getting cured, not a place to take up permanent residence. The food was terrible, the sheets were stiff and everybody smelled funny. You, you smell like a rose now. You don’t need this. Discharge, please.


Success is a killer. It makes you soft. It seduces you into thinking it will be there forever. But it won’t. It is a fickle lover.


One day at a time. Be vigilant. Enjoy the good times when they come, but know them for what they are: impermanent. Your life is good, your life is bad. It is all things and nothing at once. But you are always in the middle of it. Open your eyes, be aware.


Or before you know it, you’ll be looking once again, trying and trying, searching and searching...

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Remarkably True. Thank you.

Remarkably True. Thank you.

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