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The IDP's Building Bridges . . . and throwing parties. Come along!

Tho' the IDP leads a robust existence in the digital realm (thousands worldwide listen to our podcasts, read the blog, and participate in home-study courses) we are physical as well, with more than 200 local members who donate monthly and hundreds more drop-ins.

There's an IDP space in NYC, and it's bursting at the seams.

We’ve reached critical mass.

Awesome! So we're launching the Building Bridges Campaign, to raise the resources to find a great new space, all our own.

The Campaign kickoff is a party, of course: A Holiday Party & Fundraiser in our current space at Lila on Friday, December 10 at 7:00 p.m.

The board and staff of the IDP would like to invite you all to attend.  And Board Chair Kat Hendrix says, "Not only am I inviting you, but I also want to ask that you invite everyone you know to come with you ... this your chance to tell everyone how important the IDP is to you and why you think it’s important to the world ...  and it’s your chance to continue to invest in yourself, the community and the planet."

To learn more and to purchase tickets for the party now, you can go to the IDP’s Holiday Party & Fundraiser webpage

As Kat says, "Remember, we would love to have you there to celebrate all that we’ve accomplished and to collectively set our intention to find a new home.  So buy now

There are a host of benefits a new space can bring:

Dedicated space that can be used for IDP classes all day. This will allow more offerings at more times of the day, which will mean more convenient times for you.

Yoga and movement classes for the IDP community. We've frequently been asked about allowing yoga to be offered at the IDP by yoga teachers from our community. With a new space, this will become a reality.

Expanded Buddhist Studies offerings. Our Executive Director, Ethan Nichtern, has plans for many more Buddhist studies courses, and with a dedicated space we can increase the depth and breadth of what you can learn at the IDP.

Better Home-Study. It’s very difficult to set up and break down proper audio and video equipment in our current space.  Our new space will be wired for Web 2.0 so that we can interact more clearly with our members outside of NYC.

Improved Podcast Recordings. Thousands of people each week download our podcasts. Our new space will be designed with this in mind, wired from the beginning for recording the podcast more clearly from both the teacher and the community.

More Arts and Activism. Our new space will be able to be used for expanding our arts and activism offerings. With a real home, these programs will finally be able to take root and grow..

More Drop in Meditation. With a 24/7 space, our drop in community meditation offerings can increase so that you can always find a convenient time to stop by and get your practice on.

Dedicated Office and Meeting Space. Currently our staff - Ethan, Patrick, and Lani - must build and breakdown their office each day. A dedicated office and meeting space is a dire need so that they can focus on the important work of expanding the IDP.

Facilitator Training. One of our other goals for 2011 is the launch of our facilitator training program. Having our own space means that this program can be more fully realized.

Training for Satellite Groups. There is interest from IDP members in cities all over the USA in starting local chapters. Our own space means that we can run training conferences for these people to go back to their hometowns and start a local IDP.

Building Connections to Other Organizations. Many NYC groups have already expressed interest in renting space from us. From neo-Natal yoga to other Buddhist organizations, our new home will become a hub of interconnected activity for like-minded people.

Retail Space. Our new home includes space for selling books, zafus, and other basics for meditators.

But most importantly, Building Bridges is about building a bridge between the intimate origins of the IDP and the next phase of the organization’s growth, while deepening a personal connection to you and every other member of the community.

What can you do NOW? Dance and donate! See you December 10.

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We won’t surely miss this

We won’t surely miss this opportunity not just to mingle with others but to hear their voices and plans for the running events and all planned activities. As they have mentioned, they will include http://www.excelbridge.com for the campaign and more! This has been our company tradition to join and participate with their works and help in simple things we can do and offer to let it grow.

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