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Congressman Weiner's Weiner: The Boomerang Effect?

Anthony Weiner's in trouble. Sounds like grade-school. Kinda like this photo, which is the awesome icon on Congressman Weiner's Twitter feed, one of my all-time favorites.

But it's this weiner photo that's causing all the trouble:

The feed itself has been a favorite of mine for a long time, although I've never seen images like that one there before. Weiner's sharp and funny, and his hashtags are fab, sort of recursively mocking the very idea of hashtag.

Not only is he my kinda humorist, but he's a progressive politician who's not afraid to open his mouth, wide and loudly, in the media circus surrounding politics. He's often perceptive and his comments are sharp.

He's not afraid to make a lot of noise in the media and to go head on with opponents.

He's making noise now: he sent the boxer brief photo to a 26-year-old college student with whom he was flirting online. Now he's admitted that he's been "sexting" and flirting online with at least six women over the past three years.

Live by the media, die by the media.

With a name like Weiner (How many other names are there like Weiner? Schvontz? Dick?) he's liable to be a double entendre at the best of times. Now at the worst of times headlines are flying and laughter is loud.

Beavis and Butthead couldn't have come up with a better news item. (heh heh heh).

More than laughter greets this news item, of course; many Democrats are calling for ethics investigations, Republicans are calling for his resignation, and supporters are just disgusted. Especially his athletic . . . never mind.

A friend noted that this looks like classic karma: Weiner was good at using the media and now the media is using him. That's like boomerang karma - send it out and it comes back. If you step on someone's toe your toe will get stepped on.

Karma's immensely complex, however, having as much to do with our mental conditioning as with our actions. I see this instance as karma = actions have results. Take an action, cause a result. And not always the one you intend or the one you "deserve."

An action comes from a lot of causes and conditions: the thrilling fog of sexual arousal, the arrogance of power, the ease and ubiquity of digital photography, the sly joy of secret silly sexting.

And the action itself is the cause and condition of what follows: embarrassment, loss of public stature, hurt to one's spouse, and possibly career suicide.

Personally, I don't think that Weiner's transgression necessarily means resignation or career suicide. Did he sleep with an underage Congressional page? Did he lie about years of hidden homosexual activity while actively oppressing homosexuals? Did he get a blow job in the Oval Office? Did he take off for a week in Argentina w/his mistress, not tell his staff or his wife, and remain in office?

No, No, No, and No. He never even actually had sex. But intention, or, in Sanskrit, sankalpa, has a lot to do with the karma that's created by an act. I don't pretend to know what Weiner's intention was. And I don't pretend to be able to explain sankalpa. For that, I would recommend my teacher Ethan's post, right here: Intention Is Everything.

What do you think? Does Weiner's intention have any bearing on what happens next? We shall see. The story will get longer. I don't know if anything else does. It was a still shot, not a movie, after all.

May all beings be happy. (Buddha) May this pass like morning wood. (Beavis and Butthead)

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