Sometimes the difference between me and the moment is an untimely pee.

In life lots of things get in the way of living in the moment: that untimely pee, train traffic, your boss! What might it mean to live in the moment anyway? Life is not a movie chugging along frame by frame; a sequence of discrete “nows” over and over again ad nauseam. Rather reality is something way more mysterious and beautiful.
Search your memory. We recall that the nearest distance between two points is a straight line. That line is made up of an infinite number of points. Each point has zero length, no thickness. No thickness, zero-length, empty. Likewise a moment in time is without length. Time is continuous, now-less, and empty.
To be mindful and aware of one’s present relationship with reality? No nowness. Mounds of mindfulness!
What types of knowledge can one hope to gain though the practice of meditation? Surely we can rule out procedural knowledge? I.E.: how to change a flat tire, fry an egg, or determine the square root of pi. What about metaphysical truths like basic goodness? Or historical truths? I think not. Spiritual experience allows us to make claims about the quality of our experiences not their nature. The Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama, is said to have obtained omniscience. Still surely he couldn’t have told you that 2,500 years after his death the Met’s were to win the 1969 World Series.
How about love, gratitude, devotion, and compassion?
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