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May This Blog Be of Benefit: What do YOU want to see?

Dear IDPeeps near and far,

On behalf of the IDP Blog, we hope you had a splendid summer! A lot has been going on here at the Interdependence Project. We'll just name a few highlights, because if we mentioned them all, you'd be here all day:

Kim Brown and Jeffrey Rubin taught an 8-week series on Bringing Practice to Life; we had a screening of National Geographic's Brain Games; explored the Dharma of Difference; and practiced metta for a FULL MONTH while exploring the four immeasurables... 

And we’re very excited for all our fall classes and events

And so as we head into fall, the IDP blog team wants to know what YOU want to read about. What are some questions on your mind? What are some topics relating to Buddhism or meditation that you’re curious about? If you’ve been attending classes or listening to the class podcasts, what questions have lingered? Tell us, and we’ll do our best to address them and get them up on the blog!

Send any and all questions/topics to [email protected].

Oh, and we’re also going to be throwing some questions at YOU to inspire your Journal writing, so keep on the lookout for that in the coming weeks.

May you be well,

Emily Herzlin, IDP Blogmaster


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lots of great posts!

I'd love a regular "Buddhist News" post - something like Nancy's recent Linage post? Also really enjoying Paul's "Buddhist Bartender" series and hope he continues. Oh and adore Lauren's video blog, hope more peeps do that - !

Emily, thank you so much for your efforts, you're doing a wonderful job!

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