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Video of IDP on Huffpost Live: Responsible eConsumption Challenge!

Today, Huffpost Live featured IDP member Jon Rubenstein and teacher Kate Johnson in a segment about the #IDPBeFree Pledge. Check out the video below to hear Jon talk about his inspiration for organizing the Responsible eConsumption challenge, and to hear Kate talk about her experience of unplugging on a 3-month retreat. Marc Lamont Hill conducted the interview.

Watch the Video Here

More about the #IDPBeFree Pledge:

For the first ten days of January, IDP, along with thousands of people worldwide, will take the Be Free pledge. For one hour each day, an hour of our choosing (during which we would normally keep our electronics on), we promise to put down our cell phones, shut off our televisions and other electronics, and simply be present with whatever we're doing. If we're reading, we'll just read. If we're walking, we'll walk. If we're having dinner, we'll eat, and we'll learn to be fully present with whoever is in our company, even if we’re dining alone. It's a one hour mindfulness practice that takes place in life, not just on the cushion. 

Read about how IDP Bloggers Nancy, Kim, Gayle, and Marcel are working with the challenge!

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