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Daily Quote and Video: Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche and Gangaji


Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche, photo by Corey Kohn

The quote and video today are about finding your sanity and awakening right now, not in the future. Because hey, when you get enlightened, it ain't gonna happen any other moment than the present. Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche is one of my favorite Buddhist teachers and the teacher to a handful of IDP members.



His book Rebel Buddha, coming out this fall will be well worth a trip to the bookstore (or Kindle, if you're more up to date than I am). And you should follow him on twitter, which he updates himself when he's not watching the Colbert Report or contemplating the luminosity of Jimi Hendrix lyrics. Gangaji (video below) is a nondual teacher with a fairly mesmerizing presence. Both of their messages seem to be the same: WHAT are you waiting for? Well?

(photo of Ponlop Rinpoche by Corey Kohn).

Quote of the Day:

"There is no difference between this moment and enlightenment."

-Ponlop Rinpoche

Video of the Day:

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Discovering What Already is Perfect

Already there

Gangaji has been a strong influence in my contemplation lately. Her call for direct investigation is as emphatic as my guru Ponlop Rinpoche's.
And in the last few months I've been looking at the fact that during my rather short-lived spiritual career I have, inevitably, accumulated quite a hefty toolbox of spiritual strategies. And slowly I'm beginning to see that ultimately, really, there is no real "technique" for realization. The only "Practice" is already alive within us. It's about making a true connection. It's more about letting our our curiosity lead us through a kind of continuous, wordless, present-moment investigation that, apparently, naturally, reaps the fruit of true understanding glimpse by glimpse. To have a sort of intentionless intention. To follow a kind of directionless direction (term coined by Gangaji). Why not, I ask myself as of late, allow THIS to be our technique-free technique for the duration of this lifetime? And maybe one day, if we're lucky... and practice real hard... we might see the whole truth. How cool is it to think that that potential is REAL!? That it is already alive within us. Countless men and women, some contemporaries, some historic figures, attest that, indeed, we're already THERE. Why attempt to GET anywhere at all, why try to GO anywhere at all? I find this extremely interesting. No belief, just playing. And yeah, I gotta sit more.

Are we able to see this way?

Don't you always need to plan or look forward in order to prepare to be present in a future moment?

If you stop looking spontaneously, is it really "fresh", or is it just a habitual kind of numbness?

How do these quotes speak to the relative stages of the path at the same time?

Just some thoughts.


on seeing anew and dying to every moment

Seeing (as opposed to looking) freshly is quite different from the habitual. Just the sensory itself, without the overlay of thought, conditioning, fixed ideas, is being able to approach experience totally new. This is relevant at any stage of practice, in every moment, no?

All One or None

In the video, Gangaji describes experiencing not something new but "something absolutely fresh". The term "fresh" (Tib. "so-ma") is also used in Mahamudra teachings to describe the nature of each moment. How interesting! Thanks for posting!


If I ever had any hesitation about checking out Gangaji's teachings, this video removed it. Thanks. And DPR always has solid soundbytes.

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