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Clarifying Questions about the Buddhist Studies Certification and Facilitator/Teacher Training - Updated with Application for Facilitators


There seems to be a bit of confusion on the Buddhist Studies program at IDP. Please feel free to email me directly if you have questions re: any of the below. This letter should go a long way toward clarification. First of all, you do not need to complete the program in a year, but you can do so, hence the "One Year" theme.


Study Buddhism and Practice Meditation

We have also clarified some confusion on pricing and fall courses on the new website, so please sign up soon below under #2 (you can just leave a deposit or email [email protected] to make alt arrangements for payment or workstudy). The Sep 24-26 retreat is already almost 2/3 full. Another 4 Mindfulnesses retreat will be offered soon if it fills, which seems quite likely

Also, for nonmembers, please be aware of the strong discounts you get by becoming a member. Membership is also the best way to help IDP become a sustainable organization, and if you do so now, you release an extra $100 of the matching grant fund on top of your membership! Thanks so much to our 187 current members!

Here are Three important updates:

1. Requirements and how to receive credit for previous study.

To complete the certification, you need to receive credit for:

A) completing 40 weeks of Buddhist Studies (or Buddhism & Psychology) Courses at IDP.

-These 40 weeks should include at least one of our basic 10 week courses (The Buddhist Path, Techniques of Meditation), along with other courses (which are generally 4-6 weeks in length after the Basic courses).

-this can be done via in-person classes or via "study-at-home" classes. The new study-at-home option includes a 2 hr closing conference call with the course teacher, which is mandatory for study-at-home students to receive credit.

-For in-person courses, other than emergencies and serious illness, you may miss a maximum of 1 week to receive credit for all the weeks of the course. Exceptions are made in the case of emergency absence.  Yes, we will be taking attendance on Mondays and Wednesdays for those students working toward completion of the program. :)

-Important Note: if you would like credit for previous courses that you have attended at IDP toward the 40 week total, please email me listing the courses you have taken so far as soon as you can. If you think you'll be unable to meet the 40 week requirement and would like study outside IDP to be considered for this requirement, email me that as well. Understand that very few students will receive 40 weeks of credit for work already done, as we would like you to experience the new structure of the curriculum at least a little bit, so don't be surprised if you have been studying at IDP for 2 years and you get 30 weeks of previous credit, for example.

B) completing 4 Weekend Retreats (Four Mindfulnesses, Metta & Tonglen, Understanding Karma, and Experiencing Emptiness)
    -These do not have to happen in any order except we strongly recommend that Emptiness is the final retreat you do. In fact, the very first graduation ceremony will occur the afternoon of the conclusion of the Emptiness retreat in March.
    -Unlike the course requirement, the 4 retreat requirement is more inflexible. Only under very rare circumstances will students be given replacement credit for other retreats. Email me if you'd like to be considered for it and think you have good reason.

C) Completing one Daylong Arts Retreat at IDP

2) Sign-up or Contact Us Soon about Fall Courses
Contact re: reduced payment and workstudy: [email protected]


Fall Basic Course (Wednesdays 10 weeks starting Sep 15, 2010 with Senior Teacher Robert Chender and Crystal Gandrud) - click link at top of page for Study-At-Home option
Link: http://bit.ly/aiNQUE

Fall Mondays Course with Ethan (Mondays 6 weeks starting Sep 13, 2010 with Senior Teacher Ethan Nichtern) - click link at top of page for Study-At-Home option
Link: http://bit.ly/bzdsMo

September Weekend Retreat (Friday Sep 24 7-9pm, Saturday Sep 25 10am-6pm, Sunday Sep 26 10am - 1:30pm with Ethan)
Link: http://bit.ly/9yfciO

Membership Info and Sign Up (each new member adds a bonus $100 to IDP from the matching grant):
Link: http://theidproject.org/membership

3. Facilitator/Teacher Training Application Update

Updated - Dowload Application at:

-Applications will be available on the website by this Friday, August 13, 2010. If you would like me to email one directly to you on Thursday, let me know.
-Applications will be due with a $40 application fee (which will count towards tuition if accepted) by December 1, 2010
-The Training will be limited to 15-18 students
-The training will primarily consist of 6 weekends (similar schedule to weekend retreats) between February and December, 2011.
-More details on the way!

Thanks so much all. Please participate in this in whatever way you can. Let's build a strong and mindful community.

All best wishes


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I will be submitting an F/TT application.

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