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Daily Quote and Video: Gaylon Ferguson and John Cage on "Boredom."

What is your reaction when not much is going on in the moment? How about when not much is going on in meditation practice? Shambhala Acharya  (master teacher) and cultural anthropologist Dr. Gaylon Ferguson has a good quote from his really good meditation book, Natural Wakefulness. And have you ever seen 4'33" by John Cage performed? I'm not much of a musician, but this is one I could play!





Quote of the Day:

"The path to the experience of basic well-being leads through boredom. Passing through the crucible of boredom is an essential part of any meditator’s journey. Unless we are willing to experience boredom, we cannot discover unconditional joy—not dependent on external entertainment.

Boredom in this sense has to do with the addiction to constant inner entertainment—the compulsive replays and reruns of mental movies of the past and the projected future. Ordinarily we don’t notice these inner dramas, since they are partly interrupted by external events that require at least some of our attention."

-Dr. Gaylon Ferguson

Video of the Day:

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Great performance!

Great performance!

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