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Daily Quote and Video: Bill McKibben and Homer Simpson on the Power of Television


I enjoy the writing of Bill McKibben a lot, although his new book Eaarth was a bit too scary for me to read right now. He thinks deeply about food, ecology, wealth, and interdependence. He also thinks deeply about television and its effects on us. This is relevant to me right now because my Buddhist teacher and proud new father, Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, seems to weave references to our addiction to television and it's culture of laziness into his lectures more and more often these days. Homer Simpson, of course, is the mascot for today's television culture. irony of ironies, because he caricatures us watching him watching television (and on Fox, no less!)


Quote of the Day:

"TV, and the culture it anchors, masks and drowns out the subtle and vital information contact with the real world once provided. There are lessons, enormous lessons, lessons that may be crucial to the planet's persistence as a green and diverse place and also to the happiness of it's inhabitants-that nature teaches and TV can't."

Bill McKibben (The Age of Missing Information)
photo courtesy of billmckibben.com

Video of the Day:

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