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Daily Quote and Video: Anne Waldman and the Three Year Old Master Poet


Buddhist Poet Anne WaldmanI was discussing with a friend last week who went to Naropa University's summer writing program how good of a performance poet (which I think is equally important to the written words) Anne Waldman is. Then this morning my awesome girlfriend sent me a youtube clip of a great reading of a Billy Collins poem, litany. So the quote is from Anne, and the video is from a nontraditional poet (he's three). I watched Collins read this poem as well, and what is amazing to me, is how this little boy takes a funny ironic poem, and turns it into a true tender romantic one, while playing with action figures. That's art. Enjoy.



Daily Quote:

"If I smashed the traditions it was because I knew no traditions. I’m the girl with the unquenchable thirst."

-Anne Waldman

Daily Video:

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oh, god, you are so pompous
so totally lacking in all those qualities
you've proclaimed to admire.

and as yer neighbor
i can say yer also kinda loud
so once again i'll ask you
please turn that fucking music down!


How nice it is to be delighted by a child. Not many life experiences can compare.

Breathtaking...so cute...so

Breathtaking...so cute...so smart.

this is so fantastic

what a magical kid. art indeed.

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