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Daily Quote and Video: David Mitchell on the Soul and Arcade Fire on Memory (aka The Wilderness Downtown)


David Mitchell is one of my favorite novelists, and I am currently finishing his latest, The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet. Mitchell often writes about quasi-Buddhist themes, and this line (slightly rearranged because it occurs in dialogue), seemed to be a perfect explanation of egolessness. For videos, OMG, have you seen Arcade Fire's interactive video for their song "We Used to Wait?"

It was produced by their friend Chris Milk. When you visit the site, close other windows, use any address that once upon a time felt like home to you, and then just watch. You may want to do a metta practice for the younger you.

Daily Quote:

"The Soul is not a noun. It is a verb."
-David Mitchell

Daily Video:


(Money-Back Awesomeness Guarantee) Available at TheWildernessDowntown.com

(Image from Billboard)



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