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Daily Connection: Sam Harris on The Daily Show and Was Ben Franklin a Buddhist?

Was Ben Franklin a Buddhist? An Austin IDPer  sent me this article about American Happiness and Ben Franklin's views, and there are some, as a bay-area friend might say, hella dharmic interpretations of happiness at work. Give it a read. Also, in today's video, Sam Harris, one of the strongest and most well-read critics of religion out there, spoke with Jon Stewart on the Daily Show about a shared moral basis for basic human values that does not rely on religion, but rather on science. I do think his views are both insightful and yet a bit biased against religion. However, with all of the vagaries out there about what actually constitutes "religion," I think there are a lot of unresolved grey areas about what is religion and what is secular. Have a watch. Harris also has some interesting thoughts on Buddhism from the Shambhala Sun.



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Sam Harris

Oh man -- I saw this, too, and have been thinking about it. I caught the clip of Sam Harris on the Daily Show right after reading Dennis's well-timed comments about scientism on this blog, and I thought it was interesting how Harris seems eager to prove that science can do everything, including eliminate the need for existing ethics systems. His work seems interesting, but his attitude and approach really stood out, having just read Dennis's thoughts on self-reinforcing Western principles.

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