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Daily Connect: A Wandering Mind is an Unhappy Mind

A Wandering Mind is An Unhappy Mind, Daniel GilbertAccording to a new study, it turns out that a wandering mind is an unhappy mind. That's a pretty amazingly simple discovery, but the study demonstrates that our happiness level is less based on what we are doing than how simply we are engaged in the doing of it. Pretty interesting, and sort of an "I told you so" for meditators to share with their friends.

From the "really obvious" department, the study also found that people are generally happy while they are having sex and their minds are not on other things. I am really really happy that Harvard psychologists Matthew Killingsworth and Daniel Gilbert figured that one out for us, hopefully through utilizing expensive sources of funding for the study. :) People are also happier when engaged fully in a good conversation, or when exercising, so please make sure to do those this weekend. I wonder if during a meditation session is also an event that provokes happiness. When are you the happiest?

Below is a TED talk featuring Gilbert.

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i think the study might be flawed

Who is responding to an iPhone app alert during sex? Feels like a very specific cross-section. 

in this moment

is when I'm happiest. often that happens when I meditate, but it also happens looking at art or walking or talking or doing yoga or editing with intense focus. to quote ram das, I am happiest when I can just be here now.

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