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Daily Connect: Frozen Yoga and McMindfulness

Dr. Miles Neale, IDP Psychology Mentor, psychotherapist, and Buddhist teacher recently engaged in this great interview over at Shambhala Sun about "Frozen Yoga and McMindfulness."

I enjoyed reading it greatly. What do you think about the way Eastern mind/body health systems are being integrated into Western markets and marketing?

Sound off.

I heard there is snow all the ground in all 50 US States today. Wow.


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regarding the content

I made a certain peace with this a while back when I ended up with a subscription to O! the Oprah magazine through a Scout fundraiser. it used to irritate me that she would write about mindfulness on one page, then give a three-page list of things she loves (like gold sqizzle sticks and cashmere slippers and all sorts of useless expensive gadgets). but I came to believe that any increase in the amount of mindfulness in the world is a good thing. and if people try it and find value, maybe they'll go looking for more.

same for yoga. I go to classes mainly at a health club, so there are lots of people (including my spouse) who are there mainly to stretch. the teacher I take classes with, however, is very spiritual and mindfulness of body and ahimsa no matter how much you just want to stretch.

the non-secular, if you will, practices, like MBSR, are a door to the path. people who are interested will keep going. you can't drag them onto the path and expect them to get anything from it.

I agree with ellen -- the information is there if people want to find it. opening that door is not a bad things.


McMindfulness & Frozen Yoga

I agree with Neale's observations, but with a serious reservation. The Shambhala Sun article is taking someone to task, but who? The audience addressed is a bit obscure. Is it the teachers and service industry who present yoga and mindfulness shorn of ethics and wisdom? And how much yoga & meditation is presented that way, really?

All that material about the ethics and wisdom of yoga and meditation traditions is out there.

Out there right here, on the web, a Google click away. O

No one is doing yoga without the yamas and niyamas because of lack of access to knowledge. Jivamukti, Dharma Yoga, Zenyasa, Om Yoga - I can name a half dozen spots off the top of my head that make the ethics and wisdom tradition more than available to practitioners. And few practice mindfulness without at least the suspicion that it comes from Buddhism, Taoism, and Hindu spiritual practice. C'mon, Grasshopper, even my beloved 1970s "Kung Fu" revealed that.

People either choose to "consider the other fifteen hours of our waking day off the mat and cushion as spiritual practice" or not; it's up to them. No one is prevented from doing so by lack of exposure to spiritual paths.

There's a plethora of opportunity for spiritual development out there today; all we have to do is pick up the tools and use them. No one can make another take on that kind of commitment. It's up to us, every one of us, to decide to do the work or not.

So who is Miles speaking to? Are his observations a head-on challenge to those who present FrozenYoga? Or a sideways prod to those who do the calisthenics and chose not to explore the spiritual side? And how many readers of Shambhala Sun fall into either of those categories?

When Miles can get his work into USA Today's Sunday section, tho', watch out! And I fervently hope that someday he does. The world needs it.

btw that's my comment

I have no complaints but a suggestion; possible to allow members to stay signed in on IDP site, as myYahoo! does? Or ESPN, and so on? maybe for two weeks or so? maybe a prompt to sign in when one comments, like Wordpress does? it's a jog to mindfulness, as it were ; )

snow in hawaii??


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