How Does The Wisconsin Vote Make You Feel About Our Democracy?

Sometimes our democratic system makes me feel incredibly optimistic about the basic goodness and Buddha Nature of sentient beings.

Sometimes it makes me feel incredibly cynical.

After finding out what happened in the Wisconsin Vote last night, where Republicans used a procedural measure - after Democrats fled the state and refused to return (a rare act of party unity and stubborness for sure) - to pass a wildly unpopular union-defeating bill, I'm just not so sure.

However, the Dalai Lama is trusting democracy intensely right now. Democracy is a beautiful thing. American democracy is sometimes a beautiful thing. And I'm not just saying that as a fair weather fan because I personally disagree with the maneuver used in Wisconsin.

In the age of Citizens United and Barack Obama, how do you think our democracy is faring? Food for thought.

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REAL Democracy

REAL Democracy is something we've always had to fight for.  Unions have lead the fight for generations.  Without unions we wouldn't have a forty-hour work week, vacations, health care, due process--all the things that are endangered once again.  Democracy is not a permanent state; it's a neverending battle.  We're in an era where many Americans can become glorious by getting on the battlefield and fighting. 

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