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Daily Connect: Happy April Fools Day - A Month Without Snark?

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Happy April Fools Day all! Have you had any good jokes played so far? Google TISP is a good April Fools' joke. I wrote a comment on my facebook and twitter feeds today, but then read this great article from Salon.com, My Month of No Snark.

It seemed a perfect practice of right speech. So starting tonight, as I am hanging out with old friends, a group around whom I sometimes feel snark-tastic, I will observe the practice of no snark for 7 days. Did you know the word "snark" is a contraction of "snide" and "remark?" I just discovered that. You learn something new every day, especially April Fool's.

Here was my snark-alicious facebook update this morning:

I'm done with meditation and trying to be a decent human being. This sh-t is useless. And screw all my teachers and mentors for all their tremendously hard thankless work. You wasted your valuable time. I'm out to Vegas. Peace, suckers.

Having done that, now I will practice being snark-free for a week. Want to join me? It can't hurt to try.

The author's three guidelines for the month of no snark were:

1. I cannot say or write anything that could be construed as not nice.

2. I do not have to school other people on being kind.

3. I am allowed to tease in a good-natured way.

Of course, in a Buddhist context, we would make these a bit less absolute, and just try to notice when we deviate from the guidelines, and bring our minds back to the practice.

Snark, I will see you next weekend, if you still want to hang out with me then. I fear we may grow apart, though. It's not you. It's me.

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