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10 Things I Learned During the Two Craziest Weeks of 2012

Here are the top 10 things I learned in the two craziest weeks of 2012. May all experience lead to insight, and may all insight lead to skillful means. And may all skillful means lead to an end of suffering, and may that lead to all sentient beings having a generally awesome time during our fleeting existence. (hashtags are an homage to my newfound love of twitter). 


10. #Fear: I am scared of water and wind. I did not know that before.

9. #Gratitude: It is exceptionally hard to recognize your privilege until the shit hits the fan, and exceptionally easy to forget your privilege once your power is back on. The link between comfort and blissful ignorance is now frighteningly clear.

8. #Information: Cable news is bad news for democracy, and sensationalism is not the way to convey meaningful information in 2012 or spark any intelligent debate. I am going to practice not watching Fox or CNN for the forseeable future. Not that I watch them anyway, so it's an easy stand to take.

7. #Ignorance: Racism, sexism, and bias are still very much alive in our world, but we have made strides to overcome them, and we will do more.

6. #Unity: America is not nearly as divided a country as we are told it is. Now that the horse-race of the election is over, maybe we can see this.

5. #Pride: I am super-proud of my Buddhist friends. So many of them worked on the presidential campaign, so many of them have already volunteered so much time to Sandy relief efforts.

4. #Speech: I like Twitter. A lot. It's the best thing in a crisis or a huge event. It fed me and was the best news source possible during both the Hurricane and the election. Except for Donald Trump. I recommend not following him, but doing some serious tonglen for him instead.

3. #Leadership: I can't stop liking President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, especially when they shed tears and hug it up! Oh, and when the fearlessly proclaim interdependence. That's when they shine.

2. #Sangha: Buddhism and its teachings can be a powerful tool for personal sanity in the 21st century, but a much more powerful tool for COMMUNITY building. I believe the ability to create cohesive communities of care and support will be the biggest impact the dharma will have on the Western world this century. Strength in numbers.

1. #Connection: WE. ARE. ALL. IN. THIS. TOGETHER.. Anyone who doesn't feel this way at this moment just needs a hug. Here's one:

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Does it all bother you that the same people who own Romney own Obama too?

Obama during his term has supported and endorsed drone attacks, gmo's, increased the war on drugs, increased the deportation of immigrants and proposed we start vigorously fracking into the earth.

The minute differences between the candidates are veiled by obama's ability to demonstrate human emotions, while Romney couldn't even replicate them.

This country is bought and paid for. When people start waking up to that we'll have a real chance of seeing just how interconnected we all are.

Until then, though, it's just a big play.

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