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by ellen s
October 22, 2010
"There will come a day when a carrot, freshly observed, will spark a revolution." --Paul Cezanne Where's that from? A buddhist blog? An arts blog? No: an unexpected ally in the move toward awareness of interdependence in food...
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October 19, 2010
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October 18, 2010
I was quite moved by Tim Jackon's recent Ted talk, called Tim Jackson's Economic Reality Check. Jackson is a prominent economist and the author of Prosperity Without Growth.
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October 18, 2010
Are you going to the Rally to Restore Sanity? I don't think Jon Stewart is reading Chogyam Trungpa, but it does seem to be a big event. Relatedly, have you read Malcolm Gladwell's New Yorker article on the illusion that social media can...
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October 5, 2010
Happy Tuesday. Below is one of my favorite quotes on interdependence from Zen teacher Thich Nhat Hanh (published in several places including The Heart of Understanding). Then, as many of us are working to support mindful politicians this November...
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October 4, 2010
As the new IDP blog is still in its infancy phase, and as some days we have a quote and others we have images or videos, I thought it best to rename this post the Daily connection. Let's talk about food politics shall we? Michael Pollan is the...
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