Featured Articles: August 2015

August 31, 2015
Back in June, at the beginning of the summer, IDP decided to offer a weekly Metta/Lovingkindness Meditation practice, on Fridays from 6-7pm. When planning the offering, I wondered if anyone would attend - sometimes it's quiet during the summer,...
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August 26, 2015
It seems like everyday there's another news story on the benefits of meditation, and how meditation causes physical changes to the brain.  But what do the changes signify?  Harvard neuroscientist Sara Lazar explains in an article in Tech...
August 19, 2015
Philadelphia -- long known as the City of Brotherly Love but more (in)famous recently as the city that destroyed a robot that had traveled safely throughout Canada and parts of  Europe -- will hold a Day of Kindness on Oct. 27 to honor the...
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by jenoddo
August 17, 2015
Throughout my life, I’ve always been viewed as the “selfless” one. The “people pleaser.” The “highly empathetic one,” the “ridiculously sensitive one,” the one who wears her heart on her sleeve and wants to love everyone with every microscopic ounce...
August 11, 2015
Saddled with backpacks, duffle bags, and pillows, the teens shuffle up to the table one by one to register for their weeklong meditation retreat. Their eyes flicker with hope and fear as they alternately scan their peers and stare at the floor,...
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August 7, 2015
Very early tomorrow I will be getting on a plane and heading off to a fairly remote retreat center in Colorado. Very early. The first flight leaves at 5 a.m., which means leaving the house around 2:30 a.m. to allow for check-in and security and all...
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August 7, 2015
Although many believe meditation means sitting motionless in a quiet room, it's important to remember that meditation can be done anytime, anywhere.  Metta meditation is particularly easy to do in noisy and crowded urban areas, and teachers...
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August 4, 2015
The Wall Street Journal has an article this week on the latest research study about lovingkindness meditation.  Researchers studied participants of a seven-week LKM meditation program.  They report that:
August 3, 2015
In personal situations, sometimes I feel very strongly that I'm right and you're wrong. It's very hard for me to see that you have your own point of view, that you don't mean me any harm, and that your needs and concerns are as valid as mine. ...
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