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April 8, 2014
David Brooks' excellent piece in the NY Times reminded me of these thoughts I had written some time ago.
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October 28, 2013
You really have no idea how hard it is for an armadillo to disguise itself sufficiently enough to attend the 2013 annual Giraffe’s Religion and Righteous Spiritual Conference in Nashville, Tennessee, without being removed as a heretic simply because...
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February 3, 2013
In this article posted in The Guardian, The Mind With Heart Network is described as dedicated to giving children the space to “investigate what happiness, empathy, altruism, and compassion are.” Founded by a group of four educators in the UK in 2010...
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September 13, 2012
His Holiness The Dalai Lama, on his facebook page, wrote the following provocative quote:
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March 26, 2012
The first time I heard the term "engaged Buddhism" I was immediately turned on by the idea. My punk rock sensibilities imagined bringing Buddhism to the streets. The whole image seemed at odds with itself. This was not about sitting in a cave,...
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January 30, 2012
One thing I have heard a few times on Krista Tippet's show on NPR called On Being is that happiness is a practice. This idea inspires me and gives me hope that we can all be happy. It also highlights the fact that our society is confused about how...
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September 13, 2011
Just had a thought I put on twitter – “Human history is a record of man overcoming – or being overcome by – anxiety brought on by feeling separate.”  That’s really all that human history is.  We’...
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by Lani
August 4, 2011
it is ceaselessly curious to myself that i am entangled within the academic world of political science and yet have done everything in my power to change its traditional contours of legitimate inquiry. notably i've been invested in religion,...
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April 25, 2011
  It was recently reported that the members of the Committee on Bible Translation have produced a revised version of the King James Bible that refers to Mary as a “young woman” rather than a “virgin”. From an MSNBC...
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March 28, 2011
  Big Love was one of my favorite series not only because of the incredible writing and acting, but because of the underlying element of faith that seemed to hold all four members of this polygamist marriage together despite incredible...
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by Lani
March 10, 2011
The Dalai Lama announced today that he is renouncing his political authority over the exile government of Tibet. This, as Ellen Scodato has noted, is BIG NEWS. Such BIG NEWS, that Tibetans are already calling upon the Dalai Lama to reconsider his...
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by Lani
January 27, 2011
"Thinking is better than believing." Patrick Groneman sent this quote to me last week with the small commentary, "But what about believing in your thinking?"
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