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IDP Be Free Pledge Day 8: Discovery - I am an Apple products addict!

I took the IDP Be Free pledge to be free of electronics, and chose to turn off my electronics during the dinner hour.  Here is the pledge:


"For the first ten days of January, IDP, along with thousands of people worldwide,  I will take the Be Free pledge. For one hour each day, an hour of my choosing (during which I would normally keep my electronics on), I promise to put down my cell phones=, shut off the television and other electronics, and simply be present with whatever I am doing. If I'm reading, I'll just read. If I'm walking, I'll walk. If I'm having dinner, I'll eat, and learn to be fully present with whoever is in my company, even if I am dining alone. It's a one hour mindfulness practice that takes place in life, not just on the cushion."


This may not seem like a big deal….because if you are eating, and hopefully having a conversation as well, why do you need your phone?  Answer:  you don’t of course!  But what is quite amazing was to realize how often other members of the family’s phones rang or dinged during that time, and the discomfort they experienced if they didn’t go immediately to check the communication.


I probably cheated, because, as I say, that is not a difficult time for me to shut off my phone. I rarely watch TV and never during the dinner hour, and my computer is in my office which is so cluttered with bills and papers that I have been avoiding using it the whole holiday season!  But consciously shutting off the phone during that hour has brought awareness to how dependent I truly am on checking it regularly.


I admit it…..I discovered that I am addicted to my iPhone.  I check the weather, my email, get texts, send texts, and generally engage with it all day long without thinking.  It has become a true extension of my “monkey mind”.  I even use the clock function when I am meditating.  Even though the ringer is off, the phone is still there…..that is something I may have to change.


I use my iPad for reading books (saves paper), but it is also so easy to jump from the pages of the novel to the email app or just to quickly check Facebook.  So, my iPad is actually like a big iPhone for me.  On the TV, I watch movies on iTunes, and my computer is a Macbook.  The more I write about this, the more it is dawning on me that the Apple corporation has totally brainwashed me into slavery to their products.  Worst of all, I own IBM stock, not Apple!


So, this experiment in monitoring (e)Consumption has been interesting for me….if you took the pledge, please let me know how it is working for you, or if you didn't.....I invite you to try it.

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