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Stop Trying to Win


Winning is for suckers.  Winning is for people who haven't realized there's no such thing as winning.  Stop trying to win. Start being willing to lose.  Losing is where it's at.  Learn to love the
sensations created from the rug being pulled out from under you, your wallet being pickpocketed, your craving not being satisfied, your candidate losing badly, learn to love finding that what you think is your self is just a fake cardboard cutout pasted over something so much more real it hurts.  Lose yourself in the sensation of losing.  Trying to win is just another version of trying to game the system, playing the edges, gleaming the cube, trying to manipulate what's "out there" to make what you think is "in here"  feel better.  Get off your ass and lose at something. Losing is the new black.

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thanks Jon

apprecaite the feedback!

that's awesome Jerry

reminds me of CTR's stuff on disappointment

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