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Lessons From Carl Paladino


Carl Paladino, New York candidate for Governor in the 2010 election, has said many hateful things about gays - that they shouldn't be allowed to teach, shouldn't be seen by children during the gay pride march, and that homosexuality is a less functional and viable option that heterosexuality.

Carl P. may not like salmon, but he doesn't say salmon eaters are dysfunctional. He may not be a farmer but he doesnt say farmers shouldn't be allowed to teach. It's not his fault that he's inbred with hatred for gays - he was obviously raised on a diet of hate and now he's an expert chef.

But all that hate and bias and superiority is just a euphemism for "I'm scared I'm not big enough, so I better say someone else is smaller to pump me up."

Laws against gay marriage and acceptance of negative comments about gays are institutionalized bullying.  Paladinos' hate comes from one of two places - he's either gay and judging himself by judging others, or he's just regurgitating the fear and hate he was fed as a child.

If it's the latter, being raised on hate is not his fault, but not growing up and owning up to the source of his shame and fear is.  If he's gay, it's like - come the fuck out of the closet already dude, it's 2010.  The question is, what in my life (and yours) do we hate with the same vigor that Paladino hates the homosexual lifestyle? What do we hate , and why? It's worth investigating.  by Jerry Kolber


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I have thought a bit about the themes you bring up here.  I have come to the personal conclusion that before I begin debate on what someone is doing wrong, I should first find the things that I love about that person.  I use the phrase "anything worth loving, even for a moment, is worth being," to help me. 

Asking myself what it is I love about someone before I critcize them is often the hardest thing for me to do, especially when it comes to people who are so 'obviously' wrong. 

So perhaps Mr. Paladino thinks he is protecting people -- I like that.  He is daring and bold -- I like that.  He has this "I'm too tired to deal with this crap" look on his face -- I like that.

And now, I think I am ready to think about his hate and where it comes from.  I have heard Mr. Paladino's comments, and I would never vote for him because of them.  I do not think he is the right person to govern.  I hope he can find a more relaxed (and less voilent) way to protect and be bold.

I think he expresses himself the way that he does because he wants to be happy and is confused about how to do it.  I bet he makes comments like the ones we heard, and goes home and suffers because of them.

Poor Paladino, right?  Looking at him compassionately is not the first thing that I want to do when I think of him.  Does hate begin with the unwillingness to be compassionate?

If I love Paladino, even for a moment, I will die.  If he loves me, he will too.

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