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The Buddha at Work's "Working for the Weekend" Quotes for 9/17/10


"Caring for others is the basis for worldly success. This is the secret we don't learn in school. If somebody tells us, we don't believe it. We think it must be some kind of joke. How could thinking about others possibly bring me success? Because it seems too simple, we hesitate. In an attempt to outsmart the system, we stick with the 'me' plan."

"When we are all saving the last piece of pie for ourselves, we are constantly undermining the possibility of creating stability and happiness."

- Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche - Ruling Your World

"Pacifying your own problems and obtaining peace for yourself alone is not sufficient. That is, to be honest, a very small purpose for living your life. A much more worthy purpose, a purpose that leads to much more happiness for both you and all beings, is to cherish all other beings––all beings everywhere who are suffering and want happiness––the same way that you cherish yourself. This is what brings real happiness and satisfaction."

"When we feel compassion for a person or an animal––any being at all––we wish that being to be free from suffering. When our compassion is strong, we don't simply wish for this but actually do something about it. We ourselves take responsibility for freeing that being from suffering.

In this way, each of us is completely responsible for pacifying all the sufferings of all beings and for bringing them happiness. It is completely in our hands. Each of us has this universal responsibility."

Lama Zopa Rinpoche - How to be Happy

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