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The Buddha at Work - "Scala & Kolacny Brothers' cover of Radiohead's 'Creep' - the Ultimate Bodhichitta Machine"

Dropped my kids off at school this morning, watched them run off in the perfect Brooklyn drizzle and switched the satellite radio from the kid-approved hard rock station to Sirius XMU like any proper tattooed Brooklyn dad.


Not having seen The Social Network, I was totally unprepared for the amazing cover of Radiohead's Creep by Scala & Kolacny Brothers.

It's a freakin' Ultimate Bodhichitta Machine. Try listening to this and avoiding that raw, soft spot in your heart. Just try. I dare you.

Here's Pema Chödrön describing that soft spot:

"Sometimes the completely open heart and mind of bodhichitta is called the soft spot, a place as vulnerable and tender as an open wound. It is equated, in part, with our ability to love. Even the cruelest people have this soft spot. Even the most vicious animals love their offspring. As Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche put it, 'Everybody loves something, even if it's only tortillas.'"

How did I miss this? Listening to this, I'm reminded of the power of music--of all arts, really--to connect human hearts. And with great power comes great responsibility. Are you listening, artists?

Anyway, here's the Social Network trailer; I was previously on the fence about seeing this movie but now I don't think I can help myself. And here's the whole song without all the talky talky.

This even beats my prior favorite Creep cover, also below. And just so we don't get too heavy, here's the Beavis and Butthead commentary on the original tune.

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