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The Buddha at Work's "Working for the Weekend" quote for 10/8/10

"A lot of people look to Buddhism as a spiritual answer to their materialistic woes. But if Buddhism is just another form of spirituality, it's as worthless as any other religion. We need something different. And Buddhism is something very, very different.

Every religion, philosophy, addiction, and any other method for dealing with what life throws at us that I've ever encountered says, 'You feel unfulfilled? Okay. Try this. It will fulfill you.' Materialism works for a time. But after you buy something the thrill of buying it vanishes, and you want to buy something else. Spirituality can give you a great big high. But there's always a comedown.

Buddhism doesn't promise to fulfill our desires. Instead, it says, 'You feel unfulfilled? That's okay. That's normal. Everybody feels unfulfilled. You will always feel unfulfilled. There is no problem with feeling unfulfilled. In fact, if you learn to see it the right way, that very lack of fulfillment is the greatest thing you can ever experience.' This is the realistic outlook."

"You can't get your rocks off 24/7. Not even if you're a porn star. You've got to take out the trash. You've got to go see your mom's display at the county flower show. You've got to talk to your boss with the bad breath about geting a new bulletin board for the break room. There's doing the dishes and mowing the lawn and figuring out your taxes and all the other stuff a person needs to do to live.

By focusing on just one thing, whether it's orgasm or so-called states of bliss or whatever it might be, you train yourself to turn away from most of your life. And that's a damned shame. Because you were put on this Earth to live that life. In a very real sense you chose to live because you wanted to experience life -- all of it, not just the pleasant aspects but the unpleasant and the tedious, as well as the just plain boring. When you miss out on those things you're really doing yourself a terrible disservice."

- Brad Warner, Sex, Sin and Zen


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