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The Buddha at Work's "Working for the Weekend" Quotes for 10/15/10

"A smile is compassionate action. Yelling at some ass-wipe to knock it off can Brad Warneralso be an expression of compassion. Both kinds of compassionate action take a lot of care. A smile at the wrong time can be as devastating as a fist in the face at the wrong time.

There is only one way to become clear about compassion. You have to be very quiet and see your own state of body/mind honestly. This is very difficult to do. But it's also not difficult at all. It's only difficult to do this because we have all devoted ourselves to developing habits that obstruct our ability to notice what's right in front of us. We obstruct our own view almost instantly. We can't see our own intuitive response because we're so used to responding only to our thoughts."

"Buddhism isn't about how to find a life that fits our deluded ideas of perfection. But it is about how to find the real perfection in the life you're leading right now, no matter how ridiculously far it is from your ideas about what your life ought to be like."

- Brad Warner, Sex, Sin and Zen

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