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Two words: Kids meditating. 'Nuff said.

I'm in the very extraordinary Kolkata, India, where I'm traveling for the next week with a very extraordinary client on a very extraordinary TV project. More to come on that later. We spent a good part of the day yesterday visiting with New Light at their shelter in Kalighat, an old and densely populated neighborhood in Kolkata.

I'm sure I'll have lots more to write on this in the near future, but I was particularly moved yesterday afternoon when my client came running over to me in a loud whisper: Jon, come quick! The kids are meditating! I ran over to the classroom where about forty kids were sitting crosslegged on the floor in neat rows, their eyes closed, their hands in various semblances of mudras. I'd missed any instruction they'd been given (and it would have been given in Bangla anyway) and so I don't know how they were taught to meditate, but I thought it was a pretty amazing and inspiring image that had to be shared. Kids from two and half to probably fourteen were meditating quietly on the floor of a classroom in a really poor part of Kolkata, and it was part of their daily routine.

Someone said to me well if a two year old can do it, I can too.

And so for now I leave you with this. Adorable kids in Kolkata, India, meditating.


Photos by Ryan Williams

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