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appreciating the corner


appreciating the corner

In the corner is a space
where stacked are bits of other corners
warps and wefts, porous and knocking.
They lean, waiting, quietly subdued,
tilted and jumbled, gathering dust.

And like grandma's sofa, wrapped,
in preparation for a celebration,
that crushed velvet never felt
the wind upon it, in her lifetime.

But someone somewhere now
might make a raincoat of its covers one day; especially
since it had a built in zipper which
went from corner to corner to corner to corner.

So similarly will, the still filling colors
in squares of all sizes and age,
eventually be lit with light or fire;
keeping someone
warm, or dry, or inspired.

And too containing zippers;
being unseen, unheard,
utterly unborn,
with corners in the corner,
of the boundless corner.

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