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Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary Seva Day

This photo was posted on the website of Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary in April via Facebook. I fell in love with this sweet baby and was so happy to see she is being well taken care of at an animal farm sanctuary dedicated to rescuing and caring for abused and neglected farm animals. After sad joy passed through me, I became a member for $30 and wrote to the sanctuary to organize a day for some city slickers to go upstate and spend a day in service.

When: Friday, May 31, arriving by 11 a.m.

Where: Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, upstate NY

How: If you have a car, you're welcome to drive. I plan to take Trailways Bus -- buy a ticket to Willow, which drops us off right on the sanctuary's property. If you are driving please note this below in the commentary so people can organize transpo amongst themselves.

This is the bus schedule I am taking on Trailways, Friday, May 31.

$61.007:00am9:44am2h, 44m1ADT276


Included4:43pm7:35pm2h, 52m1ADT711

Volunteers are asked to arrive by 11 a.m.; leaving at 7 a.m. is the closest to the time requested by the coordinator, Susan Foster. She said arriving at 9:44 a.m. works for them. For lunch, there are restaurants close by or you can bring a VEGAN bagged lunch. If you bring lunch or food on the property, they request that it is vegan. If you don't want to bring a lunch or don't want to comply with this request, you are welcome to eat off the premises in restaurants in walking distance.

Volunteers are asked to stay a minimum of three hours. The 4:43 p.m. bus is the first bus leaving back to NYC in the afternoon. Someone asked me if there are accommodations to stay over, and, yes, there are. I believe you need to be a member, which is $30 and this is deducted from the price of a room. If this is your plan, please arrange with the sanctuary. You can read up about the sanctuary on its website or watch this video. It's a happy, nice video made by volunteers.

I was asked to send a list of participants and to let them know if anyone has any special farm/animal skills (vets). Anyone is welcome to plan a volunteer day at the sanctuary. At this time, I can't put together renting a bus, van, collecting money, and organizing for that. If you would like to spend a day with your hands in the earth and working with farm animals, then please come. I need to know if anyone is under the age of 18 as well. Please send me an -- email [email protected] -- with "Woodstock" in the subject matter if you plan to come. Cheers!

My contact person:

Susan Foster

Programs Director
Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary
PO Box 1329
Woodstock, NY 12498
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