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Daily Sit

Your body is always changing. Accept all that you think it is and can do you for you as well as all that you think it is not and what you view as limitations. Be kind and accept your body for all it does for you. Your heart beats, food digests, lungs breathe in and out all while you go about your life. This is a miracle.

Daily Sit invites you to practice meditation with a live online community. Each week there will be an opportunity for anyone who wants to participate online in a community sit. Please join us, Saturday, August 24, at 9 a.m. EST for a 30-minute sit from your home or wherever you are.

You can add me as a friend on Insight Timer or add yourself to the group "Daily Sit IDP" on Insight Timer. Our "Daily Sit IDP" community is growing. Come early and stay late if you like.

How to add a friend on Insight Timer

The app is not necessary to participate with the community meditation and this blog. If you can't make 9a.m. join in whenever you can and stay as long as you like. I can be found by my name on Facebook and Twitter. Anyone in the community is welcome to friend and connect with others who want to log in during Daily Sit. You can comment on Insight Timer. It's a good feeling knowing you have friends out there thinking of you as you are of them.

If you are already working with a technique, then continue. If you are new to meditation, I encourage attending classes for instruction and foundational teachings.

Metta, loving kindness, is wonderful practice any time. For me, there's something about Saturday mornings with others out there practicing together adds to the merit of practice. You can learn how to do Metta Meditation at home by listening to a guided meditation session by Ethan Nichtern available here.

Please seek help and guidance if the going gets rough.

You are not alone.

This blog post is to encourage daily meditation practice, journaling, healing and connecting.

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