Practice the Path of the Bodhisattva with IDP this holiday season! Generate Gratitude Daily!   Every day, from today through January 1, we'll be posting our list of what we're thankful for in the comments section below.   

Awakening to our natural human state of wisdom and compassion for ourselves and all beings begins with generosity. And generosity requires we acknowledge what is abundant and precious to us and our lives.  You can write as few or as many items as you like, and can even write more than once a day!  Though you're welcome to list whatever feels important to you, we encourage you to not to repeat the same items; if you can't think of something new to be grateful for, take a moment to be mindful of your mind and heart and notice what arises.


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I am grateful to have a practice that helps me recognize that, while I am tempted to layer this date on the calendar with loads of meaning, I don't have to and feel freer that way. I am grateful for a relatively mundane Tuesday night, practicing guitar in the kitchen with the sound of my daughter lightly snoring in the background. I am grateful for the smell of this old guitar, and the pile of dishes that can wait until the morning, and plans to gather with sangha.


I am grateful and thankful for all of the compassionate souls I've been able to meet in this sangha, and all our teachers and gurus for their wisdom. I look forward to spending 2014 learning an practicing with you all.





Ohhhhhhhhhh, 2013
you kicked my ass to get up, grow up, purge past page, have clarity to create, relearn to relax, & Evolve in thought.

Thank you very much

I'm grateful for this moment.
For being able to make it
Contemplating, Communicating, & Connecting through phases
to develop essence
in reCOGnition
by embracing Grace
through strength in strive

I'm thankful for Family
Blood or Bonds,
Far or near
Lasting or Brief
for giving me everything i need.

Your presence helped me understand
genuineness, Love, & basic goodness.

You guys are a blessing.

I'm thankful for Buds, 302 Bowery, NYC communities, & Hometown bases
for helping me evolve in existing,
by regenerating in crossroads reminding
that through realizing Impermanence, Loving//Kindness, Boundlessness, Compassion, & Wisdom
we can trust experience enough to claim self responsibility
in quality energy
evolving towards decency allowing
Transcending Trauma
to be a possibility,

Happy New Year.
I love you guys.
May we all exercise a state of peace that allows our ambitions to arise from expectation
by being present in appreciation
& paving a path that flourishes intention.

::Bow Power::

Goodbye 2013 Hello 2014

This may be my last opportunity to post so I want to give thanks for something I think about a lot but haven't mentioned yet, all the animals that are in my care.

I am hard pressed to think of any smell I enjoy better than that horsey smell, icicles on whiskers and warm steamy breath in the morning...mmmm. I'm living a childhood dream and sometimes I forget that. We think we choose them but really they choose us.

Horses, cats, chickens, dog and goat, each one is unique but they all have virtues and lessons to teach. Thanks to them all.

Oh, and thanks for this gratitude journal. Maybe next year I'll have a better attitude around Thanksgiving. :)

Auld Lang Syne

I'm really grateful that my practice enables me to let go of difficult feelings and stories a bit more quickly than I used to be able to do. This ability has improved my relationships dramatically, though I continue to be grateful for everyone who is patient with me when I'm reacting out of habit and confusion. Bows.

Traditions and teachings

I am grateful for many Buddhist teachers and teachings for giving me a way to revisit the tradition I was born into with greater clarity, appreciation, and a beginner's mind.

I am also grateful for the things that have helped me to access and absorb these teachings, like...
- being able to read
- rabbis and other religious teachers I had long ago who modeled the practice of contemplation as well as critical thinking and egalitarian ideals on gender
- teachers who instilled in me a love for writing


Today I'm grateful for:

- the leisure and resources that allow me to get a pedicure. may all beings have such moments of ease

- trevor and tyson at bluebird coffee, always friendly and real

- my neighbor, neile, taking care of the kitties while i'm away for a dozen years now

- will ferrell, charlie chaplin, tina fey and all comics past present and future

- everyone who helps me do my job, which is an awful lot of people :)

Big exhale!

Today I am grateful that everyone has left the house, there will be no visitors and no place to go.

For the breakfast in bed I fixed myself.

For sweat pants and tee shirts.

For a day of leisurely cleaning.


I am grateful for having a home that is warm, safe, peaceful, and joyful, that I can share with family and friends and where I can experience quiet.

Christmas Day

Today feeling grateful and lucky and loved. Especially glad for all the people dear to me, past, present, and future. Thank you for sharing this journey together.

Holiday in Chicago

Grateful for
- my niece, Maddie
- my down coat and the creatures who gave their lives so I could be warm (it's 1 degree outside, for real)
- Lydia bastianich's delicious lasagna recipe, our annual labor of love
- being part of family

Lots of stuff in no particular order

Loving babysitters who are creative, energetic, and willing to wipe noses
A recovered injury and the many people who helped that happen
Being able to do housework without persistent pain
Genuine caring and human connection
Basic goodness

Ball of Confusion

Wow, I'm really feeling unsettled as the holiday approaches. I'm grateful for -

- meditation practice, which always helps me see clearly even if it's only for one milisecond
- green tara, for never abandoning me
- veselka, feeding me for 20+ years

Gratitude Dump

I'm grateful for the things that go 'bump' in the night because once you get over the initial fear they can be quite fun.

I'm grateful for this old house and all the life hidden within it, bats, mice, snakes, unidentified scampering things and bugs. Although I'm not happy about sharing with these critters their presence reminds me that I am not alone. There is a vast diversity of life all around me and we are all interdependent and thankfully I don't live on a sterile space station and there is still hope for the earth.

I am grateful for the things I did yesterday that made me better prepared for today.

I am in awe of the positive attitude I've mostly maintained during these hectic weeks and through much apparent recent 'bad luck'. Thank for for the teachings and the practise without which I would be a mess right now.

I am thankful for cell phones.

I am thankful for walking. What an underrated mode of transportation!! And really, do you need to be anywhere that you can't walk to?

I am thankful for tow truck drivers and mechanics.

I am thankful for the kindness of others who act even when its inconvenient to them.

I am thankful for my favourite chocolate ginger brownie recipe (and to Martha Stewart for sharing it).

I am grateful for the awareness that eating a 3rd or 4th brownie wont make me feel better and might actually make me feel worse and thankful for the discipline it takes to but the plate down.

I am thankful I can share the brownies with others.

I am thankful for the half sandwich I made for lunch and thankful that I can go to a store and buy all the fixings I want so next time I can have a whole sandwich.

I am thankful for family that always is ready to help.

I am thankful that my daughters last day of school can be spent tobogganing, eating popcorn and singing to Ricky Douse (the mouse - and even if he isn't real).

My winter coat

That's what I've been grateful, tomorrow, yesterday and for most of this month.

It's not perfect (a little too big for me, it bunches up when I sit down, and its boring black color makes me indistinguishable from the drab masses). Nevertheless, I've found a new appreciation for it thanks to the recent Arctic temperatures.

17 December

I am grateful for every special teacher and mentor I've had and for those exceptional beings I have never met but have been an inspiration in one way or another.

For those moments of intense joy and abundant love. They may be brief and far between but when they occur anything does seem possible.

Those big clumps of dirty snow that stick to the bottom of cars and give me such a thrill to kick them off.

Tuesday 12/17

preschool art
great discussions on this blog


One Direction

December 16

I am grateful that I have never known war or devastation from natural disaster.

For my simple country life with wide open spaces, unlocked homes, clean air and where it's normal to wave hello to strangers.

For my taste buds without which I could not appreciate delicious food.


I'm grateful for

- Noodles, whoever invented them, the wheat that leads to flour, the dough makers and preparers
- Miriam R.'s gratitude lists, fun to read
- NYC coat-wearing dogs!
- The birth of Mike Davey, celebrated today!
- Mrs. Bochonek, the person who taught me to read


The cab driver who helped me with my groceries
The patience of others
My guitar teacher
A nice meal with a good friend
Eastern facing windows on a winter morning


Feeling grateful for
- Brooklyn, where Mike lives
- Opera, and the 100s of people involved with
producing and staging one
- my Lineage of Kindness - all the beings who
benefited me directly and indirectly all my life and
who I often neglect to remember
- the man who noticed my hands were full of packages and held the door for me

Friday the 13th

I am grateful for the majesty of forests and the bounty of life and resources within.

Artists and the all creative people who make the world more beautiful.


being able to breathe through my nose
Friday night open sit at IDP - thank you Caroline
classical guitar
the toasty smell of radiator heat


Lucinda Williams
peanut butter-chocolate chip cookies

Relaxing Friday Night

Tonight I'm thankful for

- Bollywood movies
- patient and kind volunteers
- hair clips, bands, pins, barrettes
- beds


Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge!!! (I am thankful for common interests)

Kim, you sound ready to settle down for a long winters nap. Enjoy!


Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge!!! (I am thankful for common interests)

Kim, you sound ready to settle down for a long winters nap. Enjoy!


Grateful for my body today, especially my feet which do a lot of walking and managed to walk in high heels for a few hours on Sunday too!

trials and tribulations

Today I am thankful for the trials, tribulations, troubles and anxieties that provide such fodder for my practice and for working with my mind.



Thank you Kimberly, and today's gratefuls

Kimberly, thank you for starting this post. It has been a reminder to me to reinvigorate my practice of gratitude, whether posted here or not on any given day.

Today I am grateful for

- a meaningful conversation with a colleague and a chance to reflect on the mission, purpose, and intention of the work
- mentors and role models far and wide
- a few of my dad's belongings and the warm feelings they invoke
- living in a city that is so rich in opportunities to learn and practice meditation, music, and most everything else

grateful for a lot today...

* the yearlong immersion program and my fellow graduates and Ethan, our teacher - what a year! <3
*grateful for my dear friend and fellow IDP'er Mona, who gave me such a warm and welcoming place to stay in NYC this weeekend
*the amazing IDP sangha, both online and in person... grateful to have met so many of you in person finally this weekend at the annual party
*grateful for the life of Nelson Mandela
*& grateful for snow days just when we needed them most!

Three Jewels

Just home and feeling especially grateful to Robina Courtin, whose great generosity and wisdom continues to inspire and encourage me. Bows.

I am grateful for

All the people who can fix stuff and make stuff that I can't, the tradespeople craftspeople and otherwise handy folk, plumbers, electricians, mechanics, carpenters and those who are not afraid of power tools.


second chances
snowball fights

Long Lovely Day

Thankful for -

- Everyone who attended IDP's party, in person and in spirit
- Live music
- Mexican food
- Lovely quiet winter snow on city streets
- David Park, who saved me from falling down slippery stairs

Sunday night gratitude

I am grateful for IDP, for Ethan and for Kim. For all the teachers, behind the scenes people and volunteers who make it all happen. For all those who have engaged with me on the message boards and have extended their friendship to me.

It is truly a gem and I am grateful.

Have a wonderful party tonight!



I am grateful for this day to come. Sunday: A final day of freedom and ease, at the end of a vacation week, knowing that come Monday, things are going to get seriously weird.

I am thankful for...

...the oceans and the abundance of life and mysteries within

...the excitement of big cities

...moonlit snuggles with Abby the farm dog and thanks to her for keeping the flock safe around the clock.

...belly dancing,

It's Saturday, and I'm thankful for...

-my daughter, after being sick this week, getting well in just enough time to go to her best friend's birthday party with full energy
-friends who were ready and able to bring me soup and help me do birthday present shopping when I was too sick to leave the house
-getting well enough to enjoy a noisy, bouncy kid party replete with squealing and frosting everywhere
-my daughter's pure excitement upon figuring out how to snap her fingers

get high with a little help from my friends

Today I'm grateful for

- Egg and cheese on a roll, the most delicious sandwich found in nearly every NYC deli for less than a few bucks

- Cotton

- (Toe) Nail Polish

- Brooklyn Bridge, which I get to see whenever I visit Mike in Brooklyn

- Dentists and modern dental care, which has allowed me to have healthy teeth and gums

I am grateful that... dad is still living and loving.

...a good meal can quell a man's anger.


Fridate night
sleeping in Saturday

Today I'm thankful for - the

Today I'm thankful for

- the US Post Office
- warm comfy quilts
- humans of new york, for capturing the poignancy and connection within a great city
- kristin hambel, this year's party planner. she's incredibly organized, enthusiastic, capable, and creative.
- paper: whatever it's made of (wood?), whoever makes it, and however it gets to me

Friday, and every day

I'm so grateful for my relationship...we have been together for 11,761 days, and I'm thankful for every single one of them.

I'm also grateful for Microsoft Excel.


that I can have bad moments in a day without having a bad day.
the end of Prohibition.
Starbucks Rice Krispie treats

Here and Now

I'm grateful for

- grand central terminal, my fav building in the city. esp love the main hall and the food court and the whispering arches and the oyster bar

- netflix for my secret guilty pleasure, glee

- eye drops

- everyone working for the transit system, especially the subways

- a life with ease; the ability to relax in comfort

I am grateful for

My daughter's teacher, Miss Megan.

She does not earn a living wage but teaches because she wants to help others and influence positive change in the world. She has so much love and patience with all the children. It's just incredible and I feel so honoured that she has touched our lives.

Parties, Concerts, Classes, the Arts...

I feel grateful today for living in a culturally diverse city that allows me the opportunity to partake in intellectually and spiritually stimulating activities, that many take for granted.

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