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Giving from an Awakening Heart

Living far away from IDP I sometimes struggle with the idea of membership or donating to an organization that's so far away, knowing I can't participate in many of the events or programs. There's this common perception that 'charity begins at home'. But what interdependence means is knowing that affecting positive change far away from home can still benefit me. In this way, donating allows me to practice generosity and interdependence.   Allison, IDP Supporter

Dear Community,
Over 100,000 persons annually access our center, website, blog, social media, and podcasts, uniting and creating a network of awakening in which everyone can participate. If you have benefited from being a part of this unique sangha, now is the time to express your support.  The opportunity to donate to our annual Giving Campaign continues through December only.

Each year we offer over 200 classes, community programs, trainings, and other events. In 2013 we increased both our online and in-person class attendance, expanded our community events to include Queer Dharma Group, a re-booted Transformational Activism outreach, People of Color Monthly Meetings, and regular Open Meditation Sits.  We’ve reaffirmed our commitment to multi-lineage, Secular Buddhism by hosting guest teachers such as Sharon Salzberg, Ven Robina Courtin, and Dr. Joseph Loizzo. In 2014, we’re planning even more programs, including a Mindfulness for Children class in the spring, more Transformational Activism initiatives, the fourth year of our Immersion Training Program, and our weekly courses and quarterly retreats, both online and in-person.   

The Interdependence Project is a synergistic manifestation of our collective intention to offer contemplative and ethical trainings to the world.  Share the clarity and gratitude of your practice by making a financial contribution today.

In Gratitude,
Kimberly Brown
Executive Director

P.S. We've received contributions to the Giving Campaign in amounts from $5 - $2000. Whatever you're able to offer will help us reach our goals!

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