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​Dharma Connect: Steve Buscemi's Mind Gets Blown

Actor Steve Buscemi, a meditator who studies with Pema Chodron, discusses the dharma with a Tibetan nun in this delightful episode of his web series. 










Ani Trime Lhamo is leader of the Princeton Buddhist Meditation Group, a student of Anam Thubten, and a Tibetan monastic for 35 years.  Sitting with Steve Buscemi at the Rubin Museum, she tells him "kindness to ourselves is just having the attitude of 'that's okay'"; explains that our thoughts make our world; and then says we live in a kind of dream.  At that point, Steve Buscemi tells her, "You're blowing my mind right now."  


You can watch the entire ten minute episode at this link


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This is fabulous!

Lovely, thank you for sharing! <3

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