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Daily Connect: In the News: the Dalai Lama, Iggy Pop, and Karl Lagerfeld

Three seemingly disparate celebrities have lent their images and their names to a new campaign by Amnesty International to stop torture around the globe. 

The photographs used in the advertisements have been altered to depict the Dalai Lama, Iggy Pop, and Karl Lagerfeld with injured and bloodied faces, as though having been a victim of torture.   (The images are captioned with what are supposed to be humorous titles, though perhaps something is lost in translation as they don't make much sense. For example, the Dalai Lama's photo caption below translates to "A man who doesn’t have a Rolex by the time he’s 50 has wasted his life."; Iggy Pop's says "The future of rock is Justin Bieber.")

Many Buddhist students and admirers of His Holiness are aware of the plight of the Tibetan people and the incidents of torture against them by Chinese officials.  But China is not alone in condoning torture; Amnesty International reports that "torture is flourishing because governments are ignoring the law and the commitments they have made. Over the last five years, Amnesty has reported on torture in at least three quarters of the world; from 141 countries, from every region."

May we all recognize each other as sisters and brothers.  

For more information about how you can get involved to help stop torture, please follow this link

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