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Join IDP's Annual Gratitude Journal!  Every day, starting today and posting daily through January 1, we'll list what we're thankful for in the comments section below.   

Awakening to our natural human state of wisdom and compassion for ourselves and all beings begins with generosity. And generosity requires we acknowledge what is abundant and precious to us and our lives.  You can write as few or as many items as you like, and can even write more than once a day!  Though you're welcome to list whatever feels important to you, we encourage you to not to repeat the same items; if you can't think of something new to be grateful for, take a moment to be mindful of your mind and heart and notice what arises. 

In Gratitude,

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Hello, Goodbye

Thanks to Kimberly and IDP's heavy lifters.

Thanks to Los Angeles for keeping me dreaming and Chicago for keeping me humble.

Thanks to the humans and feline I consider family.

Thanks to everyone who reads my stuff here.

Thanks to Stephanie for everything, including this amazingly dense frittata.

Thanks to everyone who's supported me and remained generally optimistic, despite all the perfectly good reasons you should not.

Let's make new things happen, starting now.

First and Last Day

I'm really grateful for everyone who shared their gratitude on this blog for the past six weeks. And also for . . .

- Sunshine and kitties, a perfect combination
- My practice and my teachers
- Time
- Finding out I'm wrong - it's good to be humbled and freeing too
- NYC, my spiritual home. Thankful for its refuge
- The opportunity to begin again. And again. And again.

Happy New Year Everyone! Blessings!

So many things

- My commitment to practices that bring about clarity and make me kinder, stronger and more true. I've stuck with this Buddhist-thing so far ;) Continuing to come back to breath, the return on investment has been 10 fold.
- Good friends. They supported me on my longest Dharma journey yet (6 weeks of silence this fall). Financially and emotionally, with hugs, conversations, wise reflections and couches: they've been here. They teach me and love me. It makes me feel unbelievably lucky.
- My cushion. Sitting on the floor hurts my butt.
- Coffee and good food and a warm place to sleep.
- Creative outlets and work that I love.
- Self love and self care that I'm cultivating everyday.
- Getting stuff done, even if it's not always on my timeline... moving forward, letting life happen.
-Dharma inspirations and teachers. Mentors and people who guide me on the path.
-Opportunities to be of service and give back. It's the only way to feel freer in my receiving. All of the gifts I get are twice as good when shared.
- Trusting in my heart and finally learning to make decisions based on my inner guidance. Feeling confidant that I can navigate what it is to be human. Feeling feelings. Making tough calls about how I want to live my life with humility that can make mistakes much safer and softer.

the long days

-the wisdom that comes after a hefty cry
-the ability to try again
-the awareness (even though it takes time) of the lies in my mind and thoughts
-the truth
-peers and helpful people
-i don't have to be or "not" be anyone
-hip hop
-not smoking for the last month
-my mothers generosity (and my practice that allows me to see it)
-that my brother isn't dead yet.......


-- to be home
-- to have been away
-- to see my babies grow and bloom
-- for truffles
-- for airplanes and airports and everything that goes into air travel
-- for restaurants and chefs and people who are happy to hook you up with extraordinary food
-- etc

Thank you

To my family, for tolerating my fits of depression over this holiday and making me laugh in spite of myself.

To everyone who sustains this site and community.

To the providers of tea who helped make my first sober holidays less torturous.

Home Again

Grateful for

- air travel and the thousands of people that make it possible; plane builders, pilots, the FAA, flight attendants, ground crew, baggage handlers, security, fuel providers, and everyone else

- my family, who are so patient and tolerant of my confusion and criticism

- Lydia bastianich, whose lasagna recipe provides us with Christmas dinner every year

- a comfy and warm home to return to

I am grateful for

- the reliability of the NYC subway
- the unreliability of the NYC subway

Seth Godin

He shows up every day. Sometimes he writes something like this:


I am grateful for: --the

I am grateful for:

--the young girl down the street that loves to play with her dogs in the snow and build snowmen all day long with such free spirit.

--winter solstice and the new moon on the same day.

--winter light.

--a storm that is coming that will bring fresh snow.

--a run in the snow.

--snow covered mountains.

--a well stocked grocery store and all of the people that work together to allow us to have fresh food on the shelves.

The Internet

I am genuinely grateful to everyone in the long chain of people who helped make this thread and this site part of my reality today. I am overcome with wonder when I even begin to ponder the complexity of this, this thing that put me in touch with you all and helped me rebuild my life this year.

Today I am grateful

Today I am grateful for:

--fresh blanket of snow that covers my garden and provides nourishment for the coming months.

--hot chocolate.

--Darjeeling tea.

--soft cookies.

--quiet weekend with my sweet and loving husband.

--the coming of winter that brings quiet and solitude.

--the Great Blue Herron that frequents the lake by my house.

--Little Red Fox tracks in the fresh snow.

for friends

who invite me to parties even though I never reciprocate


my darling spouse and his enjoyment at being in a crush of people at Rockefeller Center, which overrode my irritation at the same

I'm grateful

For grey skies, wet soil, and the existential reverb of Chicago in the winter.

For my family, the slow month of December, and my unemployment, for giving me a week or two to get my bearings.


Grateful for -

- Christmas tress and holiday lights

- the graduates of this year's IDP teacher training program, their gigantic hearts and shining wisdom

- cookies

- scented and bubbly bath products


I'm still alive and feeling life.........some oolong tea sounds pretty good right now.......




Right now...

I am grateful for espressos on dark and snowy evenings!

Simple things

Productive mornings, afternoon power naps, and most people's gracious attitude toward typos.

Grateful for: - Tea! The

Grateful for:

- Tea! The farmers who grow it, the pickers, the dryers, the assemblers, and whoever delivers it to NYC

- 3 year old Macbook Air computer, still going strong, knock on wood

- Jennifer's little red fox :)

- Meeting so many earnest and authentic people through IDP and all over NYC

Thankful for: --the little

Thankful for:
--the little Red Fox that frequents my yard and brings with him his curiosity, wit, and his ability to tread lightly.

--trails the weave amongst the trees.

--green tea.

--Monday night football.

--community of small businesses that work together.

--time to meditate.

Today I am grateful

Today I am grateful for:

Leisure time
The calm after storms
The people who give me a break
Time on my own
All the wonderful things the city has to offer
The Dharma
Ethan & Kim and all the IDP peeps who make it happen
The Internet for making it all accessible
Deep conversations with strangers & new friends
The artists, musicians and filmmakers who make the stuff that moves and inspires me
Stories of heroes and heroines
The love and support of my mentors


Grateful for making it through a long day of "making connections" for potential work without visibly wiggling out and being able to rest inside now.

Monday Monday

Tired and grateful today for all the dear friends that came together last night to manifest a beautiful and generous Benefit for IDP and all beings. Thank you!


Grateful today for:

- kristin and robby, who are working so hard to create a special and festive party for IDP tomorrow night

- volunteers, who will be helping run the party, thank you!

- nail polish, so my cute toes look even cuter

- alex and trevor at bluebird coffee shop, and their baker i forgot her name

- asthma medicine, all those who help make it and deliver it


1. To everyone who has been painfully honest with me about my myriad flaws

2. To everyone who has kept me safe when I needed it

I thank you.


glad for:

- all the food and clothes available to me

- veterinarians, and that my time and place has resources for pets as well as people

- email, keeping me in touch with so many friends and strangers

- my niece, reminding me what's real and important

nighttime fog

riding my bike in nighttime fog - like sailing through cloud

learning lessons the hard way

when i don't have to

active resistance


creative solutions

looking at a problem & not knowing what to do about it

wanting the best for people

Thank you

To Megan Rutledge, for this really nice audio version of one of my IDP posts:


And to everyone who's taking heart and finding strength on yet another maddening day in America.


that I wake up every morning, that I have a body that works (for the most part), that I have a mind that allows me to process information and contemplate my thoughts, that I have a family that is loving and close by, and that I have the awareness to appreciate all that I have.


Gratitude ...

- that in the face of injustice and unfairness, so many people care

- for the french bakers at bien cuit who make incredible bread

- for the teachers who support and encourage my practice and understanding

- for a big comfy couch and time to relax on it with the kitties

--the sound of rain on the

--the sound of rain on the roof.

--chiropractors that know when something needs an adjustment.


--loose leaf tea.



patience w/ being technologically impaired

that I don't know how to delete a post once double-posted...

life is poetry

insatiable (childlike) optimism/hopefulness that each of us will stand up for what is right
that that optimism stands back up again & dusts itself off after disappointment
when life is a poem
showing up for the people who matter to me
showing up for myself
remembering that these are not separate
the way light shines on wet bark
good intentions
knowing that impact matters and intention is NOT everything
vague understanding of history
early morning light
waking up to no dishes in the sink
listening to someone speaking in a language I don't speak & then the excitement I experience understanding a single word
ooh, french fries w/ mayo, raw onions & 'paprikasaus'

sending gratitude

to my sub-sangha, the three women who keep my on the cushion, and focused on the present moment. love you Jennifer, Missy and Erika


Pumpkin pie.

pumpkin pie

yes, very grateful for pumpkin pie, and the very special people who make it!


that the anxious tightening in my throat is me projecting off into the future. what! Christmas is three weeks away? but but but ...

my car. which starts and runs. my cats, who do the same.



warm tea on a chilly day
the impermanence of flowers, &
the way these flowers here, are dying with dignity
the funny way my plans unfold
figuring it out
recycling a giant pile of papers
reaching a customer service person with a sense of humor
having the sense that we WILL work this out.
red berries on the branches on a dark day
the low rumble of vincent price's voice
courageous souls who speak truth to power everyday


To Stephanie (my partner in life, mischief, and cat wrangling), to the members of the Heart of Recovery group I attended last night (not without some initial trepidation) for making me feel so welcome and safe, and to the entire staff of New Wave Coffee in Logan Square for letting me work here all day with no side-eye.

French Fries

Today I'm glad for:

- french fries and mayo

- electricity: charging my gadgets and lighting the night, incredible

- cellphone

- facebook, keeping me connected with folks near and far, known and unknown

Today I am grateful

Today I am grateful for:

--still being able to run on the mountain trails without snow, but maintaining an awareness that global warming is a sad and challenging change.

--good health.

--wood stove.

--black tea in the morning.

--green houseplants.

--beautiful art.


That the school semester is almost over and I get a few weeks break before the madness starts again!

feeling stupid & digging

feeling stupid & digging through it anyway.
a cup of tea to soothe my soul
knowing I am loved
clean hair everyday
when people show up

Getting through

Thank you to Kim for letting me know that I'm not the only one who's ridiculously anxious today.

And thanks to a meditation video from Susan Piver and the music of Jimmy Reed for helping me chill.

it's all good

Lots of anxiety today. Feeling grateful for:

- my colleagues, who offer me clarity and generosity

- learning from past situations and reminding myself of them

- meditation, which lets me allow all

- the subway and everyone who works for the mta


Today I am grateful for dogs and their example of unconditional positive regard. Happy Birthday today to my two little furry friends, Lily and Zoe.


for my children, who continue to teach me so much about life and love.


Today I am grateful for freedom of speech and a warm, safe home.


Thankful for:

- a free day to relax and rest

- the ability, means, and access to take yoga classes

- mushrooms

- clean air

- my pretty feet and toes

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